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Supplemental Exercises: Week 1

Each day, athletes have to choose 3 pieces.  2 have to come from the same principle.  

This still allows for a day of training, any day each athlete chooses, to skip supplemental training.

Choose 3 pieces, 4 days a week:  

Speed “Ninja”

- 4 Count Two Feet Out/Two Feet In/Two Feet Out 8x4x4 Count Ladder

- 4×30 Lateral Hurdles @20”

- 8×20 Yard Shuttle Sprint 5-5-10

- EMOTM x11 x33 DU

Skill “Warrior”

- 30×1+1 Skin the Cats+ 1 Strict Ring Pull Up

- 30×2 Strict/Banded/Weighted Dips

- 8×2 Strict HSPU +ME Shoulder Touches

- 8×8 Weighted GHDSU

Strength “Super Hero”

- 7×5+5 Double KB Clean + KBDL Heaviest Possible

- 5×15 KB Floor Press L/R (Active Shoulder Leaves Floor) + x15 KB Chainsaw Row L/R

- 7×5+5 KB Snatch L/R Heaviest Possible

- 10×10 Yard  Prowler High Handle @230/180

Sunday 070614

On this rest day, we introduce to you awesome OC Athletes, our new 8-week cycle that begins tomorrow!

So take some time to read Coach Matthew’s introduction to the new programming that will help us become more well-rounded athletes. It’ll be awesome! :)


“If you want to get better at CrossFit the sport and you have not done it before, get a sound movement coach and do CrossFit….for a while…Then after 6-12 months, stop doing that and start doing Strength and Conditioning if you wish to get better in the sport, like any other sport.” -James Fitzgerald Director of OPT
This upcoming cycle will adhere and subscribe to the sport and design of “Crossfit” while centering and focusing more and more time per session on improving each individual athletes fitness levels.  Holding athletes accountable for adequate to elevated levels of exercise.  Taking “steps” towards improved fitness and being held accountable.
CFOC has accumulated and documented over 1,000 training sessions.  Investing time, resources, and more to bring concise programming that was programmed in 40-60 session cycles.  Since 2011:
1) Fitness has grown in importance.
2) The OC culture has grown.
3) “Crossfit”, the sport, has changed.
4) Coaches have more tools and knowledge to share.
5) Our “data,” “feedback,” and “results” are providing insight and aiding in a brand new concept on our journey to 2,000 training sessions.
There are currently two “gaps” in current CF programming paradigms in which a multitude of athletes are falling into.  No injury or harm is done but there is a hinderence of progress.
1) “Task” Priority :  Fixed work with the time it takes to complete the task being up to the athlete.
2) “Time” Priority : Fixed time duration with the amount of work completed being up to the athlete.

The gaps exist where many athletes modify weighted movements, gymnastic movements, or ROM for “Task” priority workouts.  Which skews the intended stimulus.  With each modification, there is a tweak.  Heavy intended workouts become too light, Longer designed workouts are finished too quickly, or vice versa.  “Rounds For Time” always pressure athletes into “Modifying” over “Adhering” to prescription.
The second gap stems from not enough work being completed during “Time” priority workouts.  Time caps or “AMRAPs” can often limit developing athletes from completing adequate work.   Multiple workouts from this past year of CF Open Events highlight how “average” or “developing” athletes could’ve left those training sessions without having completed 100 repetitions.  

Both are expected and natural occurences in the gym.  However, any athlete that encounters that necessity to modify should also be investing time into supplemental programs.   Follow not only that CF program but, an additional program to supplement and bridge those “gaps”.
Crossfit has a beautiful design and array of tools and resources to choose from.  In my opinion,  the movements most incoporated within Crossfit have now become “Sport Specific”.  While the movements serve as excellent exercises, our focus has shifted from “exercising” to “efficency”.  In theory, introducing 25-45 new exercises and movements would benefit the body.   
Using “absolute” movements that are challenging, transferrable, and measureable.  To get better, is to directly improve the principles of fitness that are used during “Crossfit”.  Not to improve “efficency” on the movements utilized in the “sport” but, to improve the actual athlete performing the “sport”.  
Crossfit Benchmark workouts will still be the definitive “test” of our fitness.  

In addition to a “WOD”  everyday, athletes will be choosing 3 supplemental exercises or sequences.  There will be 12 total choices for supplemental training per week, allocating 1 day without additional volume.

4 Speed “Ninja” Sequences

4 Strength “Warrior” Sequences

4 Skill “Superhero” Sequences

Finally, to help athletes be in control of their volume, all 12 total choices will be posted on Mondays.  Daily WOD will still be posted nightly.  Athletes can build their training week from Monday to Friday.  Choosing their day off.  Coaches are prepared to demonstrate and facilitate each and every new exercise.  This will be challenging and demanding on both coaches and athletes.  With positive mindset and positive influence, we all stand to benefit from this change.  As a team, lets celebrate being a part of a physical culture that redefines “harder”, “better”, and “tougher”.  Recognizing that it may take experience and experiments to get “far” “fast”, and to achieve real goals.

Saturday 070514

Workout of the Day

U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ashley White, 24, of Alliance, Ohio, assigned to the 230th Brigade Support Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, North Carolina National Guard, based in Goldsboro, North Carolina, died on October 22, 2011 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when insurgents attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device. She is survived by her husband Captain Jason Stumpf, her parents Robert and Deborah, brother Josh, and sister Brittney.

Friday 070414

Workout of the Day

Come on out and enjoy a FUN Independence Day Workout!

10a.m. (only) with daycare.

It’s a surprise you won’t regret ;)


Hello, all of you beautiful OC Athletes!

There is a raffle going on for a large package of  **Fireworks**

Only 7 of the 30 tickets have been purchased, so the odds are in your favor!

$5 a ticket, drawing will be before the 10a.m. class on Friday.

All donations go towards sending a fellow athlete to the Garage Games.


Thursday 070314

Workout of the Day


Athletes will move through 6 movements of their choice (choosing from listed modifications, if necessary).

Athlete will perform 30 reps of each movement before moving on. A chipper of sorts.

1.) Dips- Negative/Static/Ring/Weighted

2) Pistols- Lateral Box Step Up/Banded/Weighted

3) TGU- Always @53/35

4) DU- Repetitions or Attempts

5) C2B- Jumping/Banded/Kipping/Weighted

6) TTB- Kipping/Strict

7) GHR- Negative/Parallel/Tempo/Weighted

8) HSPU- Negative/Kipping/Strict/Freestanding

9) Shoulder Touches- Chest to Wall/ Back to Wall

10) Atlas Stone

11) Good Morning- Banded/Tempo/Weighted/Jumping

12)  Box Jumps- 40″/ 36″/ 32″/ 30″/ 28″/ 24″



Check out this smashing new MWod! ;) HERE




Check out the Tabata Times article “Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Skinny Fat!” I love that they bring up the ol’ BMI. It’s still commonplace for the medical field and employers to use the BMI as a scale of one’s overall health. When in reality, it’s pretty inaccurate. My husband’s BMI score has him listed as “obese” …if you’ve seen him, this would solidify how unreliable the BMI (alone) is in gauging one’s physical health ;)

Wednesday 070214

Workout of the Day


x15 Broad Jumps @8ft/6ft


immediately after…

x5 attempts for Max Effort UB Sets of the following movements:

BW Bench Press

WBS @ 30/20



 Let’s continue the flow of mobility from the shoulder down into the pectorals :)


I think it’s time for an ice cream recipe. How about “Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Bon Bons” from Nom Nom Paleo!

Tuesday 070114

Workout of the Day

 3 RNFT:

x8-x12 GHR

x8-x12 Shoulder Touches

immediately followed by…

“Isabel” or “Randy”

immediately followed by…


x8-x12 GHR

x8-x12 Shoulder Touches





 Ahhhhhhhhhh……yes! (this is continuing what we started yesterday, with our mobility work)


Remember how I said to save your anti-pork rind comments until part II? Well, here’s part II.

Check out the article on Mark’s Daily Apple entitled,  “Is It Primal?” and then let the commenting begin ;)


**This July 4th (Friday) Crossfit Oceana will only be running 1 WOD at 10a.m.

There will be day care and it will be fun!

So come and get your sweat on and let’s start the celebration of our freedom and independence together!**