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Monday 081814

Workout of the Day

(15 Minute CAP)

6 Rounds:

x6 Strict TTB

x6 HBBS @65%



Mobilize that thoracic spine and open up a whole new world! (You know who you are ;))


Lela, from LelaLove Cooks, has the most delicious homemade granola recipe ever. Check out her “Coconut Ginger Granola” recipe and tell me you don’t love it! (You could substitute pureed dates for the brown sugar.) 

Supplemental Exercises: Week 6


5×25 Down-25 Back yards Lateral Shuffle 1:1

10×5 Forward – 5 Reverse – 10 Forward – 10 Reverse Sprint (yards)

3×100 DU + 200 yard Recovery Active Walk (walk to end of building and back)

10×10 Lateral Hurdles @24/20



x1 As many true sets as possible consecutively TAB intervals :20 ring row held @extension :10 static hold @ top of row  / After failure x45 RR

1RM Weighted Static Dip / after maxing out / 5x ME UB Ring Dips Strict/Banded

10x :30 Banded Plank + ME Strict HSPU (modify to standard plank with no band, or modify to strict press versus strict HSPU)

6×24 Russian Twists @30/30


Super Hero

15×2 Tempo Double KB Thrusters :5 Descending :5 Ascending @53/35

3x250M Sled Pull @50/30 1:1

6×12+12 KBSLDL L/R @53/35

12×4+4 One Arm KB OHS + One Arm KB OHS @53/35

Sunday 081714


Do to all the trouble with the website we will be deleting all the registrations and reentering them via administrations. This will make the website more secure. Basically all you need to do is email your full name and email address to the gym at We will create your file and give you a password. You can log in and change your password to whatever you want.  We have hundreds of registrations that are not valid.





Saturday 081614

Workout of the Day

timothy-davisIn honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

Thursday 081414

Workout of the Day

15 Minute AMRAP:

x20 Snatch Balance @75/55

x5 Dead Lifts @315/225



Are you squatting (or receiving the bar) with turned  out feet? Test yourself.


Greg Glassman gives us a good reason to continually work our weaknesses!

Check it:

Tuesday 081214

Workout of the Day

10 Minute AMRAP:

x5 Bench Press @185/125

x15 K2E



Combatting tight pecs/tris/neck


Strength involves more than just physical strength, right?

Like laughter. Laughter can make us emotionally stronger by momentarily washing our fears or anxiety away.

Check out the article by the Scientific American entitled “Why Laughter May Be the Best Pain Medicine.”

And then you can thank me for the following, later:


Supplemental Exercises: Week 5


x2 EMOTM x5 1st RD x5x10M Shuttle Sprint 2nd RD x6x10M SS 3rd RD x7x10M SS 4th RD x8x10M SS 5th RD x9x10M SS /  Rest then Repeat

5×20 Broad Jump Hurdles @24/20

Every :30 x20 x10 DU

30×1 3 Cone Drill 1:1



8xME UB Shoulder Touches /after finishing all sets/ 8xME UB Strict HSPU

1RM Weighted Pull Up / after maxing/ 8×4 Less Weight/ Strict/ Banded

x150 Make Shift Reverse Hyper

8×5 Tempo Static Dips :5 Con :5 Ecc (modify by only Tempo for :5 Ecc)


Super Hero

7:00 ME Double KB Push Press @53/35 after each set perform x2 KB Cleans before perofmring anymore Presses

8×3+x6+x3+x6 KB Snatch + OH Lunges + KB Snatch + OH Lunges (left arm then right arm then rest)

10×10 yard High Handle Prowler @270/180

EMOTM x11 x6 Goblet Squats @70/53

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