Hey, all of you awesome OC athletes!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the OC Competition Team, send Coach Garrett an e-mail before the end of THIS FRIDAY (June 27th).

This will let him know who’s interested as he starts to put the distribution list together. So if you’re interested, send him an e-mail and stay informed!

Wednesday 062514

Workout of the Day

8 RFT:

250M Run

x4 C2B Chin Ups

x4 PP @ 165/105


10×3 Hang Power Clean (increasing the load every 2 sets beginning with empty bar


x60 Strict K2E



We’ve been hitting all the muscles that are connected to our neck pretty hard these past 2 weeks. Let’s show our head trunk a little love today with this MWod :)


Coach Clarissa shared a yummy, fresh summer salad recipe. Check out how easy it is and comment with a favorite recipe you’d like to share!

Coach Clarissa’s Mango Avacado Salad:


•Diced Mango

•Diced Heirloom Tomatoes

•Diced Avocado

•Minced Chives (to taste)

•Pinch of Sea Salt

Toss all ingredients except chives,  then sprinkle chives on top. Serve as is, or on a bed of lettuce. Enjoy!

Tuesday 062414

Workout of the Day

15:00 AMRAP:

x80 DU

x40 (20/20) Single Arm OH Lunges Holding KB @ 53/35

x20 Dynamic Push-ups (narrow grip on floor to 12-14″ wide surface)


Front Squats Heavy as Possible

1×12  1×9 1×6 1×3


Check out this pre-workout squat hip sequence:


“I’m just not feelin’ it today.” I’ve heard this from a few others at the gym recently (including myself). Glad to know it’s a normal cycle ;)  “I Don’t FEEL Like It: How to Kick Start Your Motivation,” On WOD Talk.

Monday 062314

Workout of the Day

5 RFT:

x8 Strict HSPU

x10 Deadlifts @ 225/155

immediately followed by…


x12 KB Snatches Each Arm @ 53/35

x12 SLKBDL Each Leg @ 53/35


x100 Weighted ABMAT SU



 Today it’s all about ungluing that high hamstring. Let’s spend 10-12mn doing this :)


I don’t think I’ve posted this one yet, but this is a definite crowd pleaser 10x over! Check out Elana’s Pantry for her “Cinnamon Bun Muffins”. They are to-die-for!

Sunday 062214

Happy Rest Day!! I hope everyone enjoyed the Frisbee and the “out of box” event.

Remember MAGG registration is now. So far Sarah M and the coaches team will be there.

June 23rd – Competition Team Interest Meeting

- Interested in competing on a team? Want to see what it’s all about? Now is the time to come for the Q &A with Coach Garrett. 7p.m. at the gym.






Sarah M is a year old in CF. She has lost weight, became stronger and added years to her life. She might be a little nervous but she is going to MAGG. Who’s going with her?





Saturday 062114

Workout of the Day

Come and join us for Ultimate Frisbee at Red Wing Park today! We will be there from 10a.m.-12p.m. Come after or instead of the scheduled WOD. And if it’s not your cup o’ tea, the gym will be running all regularly scheduled classes :) So either way, you can come for a fun workout! Hope to see you all out there!

Ultimate Frisbee Rules


U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel, 23, of Speedway, Indiana, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 1 Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Pendleton, California, was killed on June 7, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by mother and stepfather Don and Trisha Stockhoff; father and stepmother, Kevin and Kim Rankel; and brothers Nathan Stockhoff and Tyler Rankel.


Hello Athletes,

There have been a couple of administrative changes at the gym to note.

The gym’s new e-mail address is: . Any notifications, questions, concerns or suggestions should be sent to this email address.

The phone number is still the same 757-289-9883.

  The finance department has been out-sourced and the contact person is Tracy White. The best source of communication is through this new email address.


Thank you, The OC staff

Friday 062014

Workout of the Day

x1 x1600M Row @ 50-70% Effort (8:00-10:00) 

Tester: x1 x1600M Row @ 100% Effort (5:30-7:30)

immediately followed by…

10×3 OHS @ 80% of 1RM Snatch

- – - – - – - – - – -


7:00 ME MU




I say “yes PLEASE!” to this upper back extension-izer and you should too! :)


Just found a Paleo version to the amazing Thai dessert, Sticky Sweet Rice with Mangoes. Do you know the one? (sigh) But this recipe gives me a new found excitement for mangoes and coconut milk! Check out Home Grown and Healthys “Mango Dessert”!


If you or your kids have a birthday this Summer, come for the 9a.m. WOD tomorrow and for cupcakes after!

Happy Birthday to all of our Summer birthday peeps!

Thursday 061914

Workout of the Day


250M Farmer’s Carry (AFAP) @53/35

immediately followed by:

3 RFT:

x28 TTB

x88 Walking Lunges*

*athletes must lunge in a single direction each round, creating a sprint back to the rig


400M Farmer’s Carry (AFAP) @53/35



Check out this Posterior Shoulder MWod. Hellllllooooo Farmer’s Carry and TTB.


I’ve recently had several conversations with different athletes and coaches, who are all, expressing the same thing. It’s a real struggle. A mental one…and sometimes an emotional and physical one. But we are all working to change ours (and everyone’s) idea of what “is beautiful” in women. We are working to change it for not only ourselves, but the generation that follows. In fact, for me, it’s most definitely for the future generation. 

Check out “Crossfit Chicks - The Paradox”, on the Box Rox.