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Saturday 092014

Workout of the Day

chris-gator-gathercoleU.S. Army Specialist Christopher “Gator” Gathercole, 21, of Santa Rosa, California, assigned to 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based in Fort Lewis, Washington, was killed by enemy fire on May 26, 2008, in Ghazni, Afghanistan. He is survived by his brother Edward, sisters Jennifer Daly and Sarah Ferrell, father Edward Gathercole, and mother Catherine Haines.

Friday 091914

Workout of the Day

x2 x15RM Shoulder to Overhead from a rack

(Push Press-Push Jerk-Split are all useable throughout efforts)


x1000 Rope Waves





Pec smash Barbell quickie ;)


“Creamy Coconut Pumpkin Fudge”….I have no words. If you can’t find me, I’ll be hiding in the closet keeping this creation all to myself.

Check out Free Coconut Recipes for this and more.


Thursday 091814

Workout of the Day




15:00 Build Up to a 5RM HBBS (Sub Maximal/No Failure)
1×5 @85% of above

x50 Weighted/Strict Dips
x50 Abdominal LVL 3-5
x50 Weighted/Strict Hip Extensions



Groinage mobility


She makes nut milk look so easy. Must try this!

Check out Elana’s Pantry for her “Brazil Nut Milk!”


Event #1 for Crossfit Oceana’s Throwdown will be the following:

“The Hinge”
Box jumps 30″/24″
(scaled 24/20 step ups allowed)
Toes 2 Bar
(scaled abmat sit-up)

Wednesday 091714

Workout of the Day

Every :30 x30
x1 Hang Squat Clean @205/135
x2 BUR over BAR


:30 ON/ :30 OFF Row 1K AFAP


x10:00 FOAM or BB Rolling



Barbell Quickies :)


Do you keep a workout log? It’s awesome to be able to go back and track your progress especially with the benchmark wods or comparing new 1RMs. Check out this article on Beyond the White Board on “How Julie Foucher Became Julie Foucher.” Pretty sweet.

Monday 091514

Workout of the Day





15:00 Build Up to 3RM HBBS (Sub Maximal/ No Failure)
2×3 @85% of above

x50 Weighted/Strict Pull Ups
x100 Abdominal LVL 1-3
x300 DU
x100 KBS LVL 1-3




Restore motion to your tacked down wing bone



 Wod Planet has a very interesting article on “Is Crossfit Safe? – A Balanced Response.”

Failing at Toes to Bar does not mean going until you fall off the bar. Never push yourself to fail unsafely. Coaches are there to push you to the point of failure with your endurance. As soon as a coach sees something unsafe or notices an athlete’s form go out the window, that’s when they step in. But it is also up to the athlete to determine when they’re crossing that safety line. ;) Coaches will keep pushing until you say “when” so listen to your bodies ;)


Get excited!

Our new cycle of programming begins this Monday. Before you begin your week, take a few minutes to read the write-up from Coach Matthew. Then come prepared to have fun and make some gaines ;)

SQUAT : “When school is in, squats are back!” The opening week of the cycle begins with “Submaximal” squat sessions, establishing 3RM&5RM baselines.  The intent and purpose is to “struggle” versus “fail”.  Stressing the value of good movement, limiting sets, and or attempts helps mold the “submaximal” setting.


In the first 4 weeks of the cycle, squat days rotate with a guided 5-10 pound increase each week.  Weekly waveloading projecting  4 weeks, 20-40 pound differential in 3RM&5RM HBBS.  Leading into the 5th week, Back Squat sessions will then progress to “Heavy Submaximal Pause” Squats.  Building to a “challenging” single repetition load.  Each Back Squat session will also entail drop set singles WITHOUT the pause with percentage volume according to the lift performed earlier.  


Also being incorporated into the second half of the cycle are frequent FRONT SQUAT BOX squats performed at high volume with low loading.  Boxes are ranged to accommodate different height athletes.  Guideline is to squat 2” below parallel.  It is a 4 week effort to improve posture, position, and comfortability in the front rack setting.  Also, to reenforce healthy hip positioning.  This should not only improve the rack position of the squat but, also improve shoulder to overhead movements as well.    


“MOB”ILITY : “Supple Leopard Comeback!” Coaches with different discretion can carry out mobility at any time during the hour.  It is merely the investment into dedicating time for repair and maintenance.  


TOTAL VOLUME : “No Timer, All Chalk.” Exclusively programmed on lifting days will be assigned movements and repetitions that are varied between general and specific type movements.  Based on a “tier” system which provides a guided scale for range, weight, skill, or difficulty.  Key focus is completing all volume, without emphasizing intensity by creating clock parameters.  


LONG INTERVAL WEIGHTLIFTING : “Toast to the Most.”  Frequently placed throughout the cycle are 20-40 minute interval sessions that will incorporate 1-2 heavy weightlifting repetitions, coupled with a body weight movement.  Comparatively, there will be far more “rest” than “time under load” in these sessions.  The challenge will still be present due to the recommended weights for these sessions.  The goal is to build comfortability, confidence, and an understanding in moving heavy loads.  If it’s relatively heavy enough, the brain is called into action just as much as the muscles moving the weight.  If the intervals are extended enough, with success, better lifters are born.  Better athletes are made.  


Science and Mathematics aside, the following 8 weeks are designed to embrace the anti-climatic conclusion of Summer.  Sweat before it’s too cold to.  Mobilize our bodies before it’s too cold to.  Tone and lean up our bodies before it’s too cold to walk around shirtless? Look good for Thanksgiving?



-Coach Matthew


Saturday, October 11th, CrossFit Oceana will be hosting its first Throwdown Competition.

Woot woot!

Here are the Details:

•Event starts at 12p.m.

•There will be 3 events to determine the winner.

•Check in is at 11 am for competitors.

•There are 12 spots open for each category; Men Rx, Women Rx, Men scaled, Women scaled.

If interested, contact Garrett, the CrossFit Oceana competition coach at

The event is free and all CrossFit Oceana members are encouraged to sign up!
One event will be released each week in the run up to the competition.
The events will be short, time capped events that most Crossfitters can complete. (No 315 lb snatches and 50 muscle ups for time)



Sunday 091414

Todd it's great to have you..

Todd it’s great to have you..

Allison and baby showing off the muscle

Allison and baby showing off the muscles