Wednesday 071614

Workout of the Day

(15 Minute CAP)

15 Push Press @165/115  

15 Box Jumps @36″/30″

 15 Push Jerks @165/115  

15 Box Jumps @36″/30″

15 Split Jerks @165/115



Prioritizing Shoulder mobility


Look how delicious these “Homemade Popsicles” from Le’Becca look! And soooo refreshing!

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On Ramp 071514


10 Minute Warm Up

10 Minute Review HBBS

20 Minute WOD : 30-20-10 Back Squats @115/75 & Knees to Elbows with a 400M Run after every set

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On Ramp 071414


10 Minute Warm Up

20 Minute Practice C&J (@ or BTWN 45%-65% effort of each athlete)

10 Minute WOD : AFAP Row 100 Cal immediately followed by x100 HRPU x50 Hollow Rocks

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Supplemental Exercises: Week 2

Each day, athletes have to choose 3 pieces.  2 have to come from the same principle.

This still allows for a day of training, any day each athlete chooses, to skip supplemental training.

Choose 3 pieces, 4 days a week:



8x 4×10 yard Lateral Shuffle + 8 Box Jump Up and Over @24/20

4 Count Ladder Two Feet Out/In/Out 4x10x4 count

4:00 ME DU / Multiply Score by x2 and complete that many more DU

1RM Height Box Jump


5x (5-4-3-2-1) Strict/Weighted/Static Dip

5×5 Tempo :5 Con :5 Ecc Horiztonal Ring Rows

x50 HSPU

EMOTM x10 x5 C2B Banded/Kipping and perform ABMAT SU with remaining time until next interval

Super Hero

x30 Alternating One Arm KB C&J @53/35 x20 Alternating One Arm KB C&J @70/53

4×16 Heavy DB Lunges Farmer Carry

EMOTM x12 x15 Yard High Handle Prowler @220/160

12×1 Legless Rope Climb

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WOD #3

Due: July 19th

Muscle Ups. With a running clock
EMOM for 5min:

1 Muscle Up at the start of min 6
1 Muscle Up every :45 sec for 5 intervals

At the 9:30 mark, 1 Muscle Up every :30sec for 5 intervals

at the 12 min mark- AMRAP 1 min:
do as any muscle ups as possible in 1 min
If you can’t complete the muscle up in the required time-STOP.
Record your time and number of Muscle Ups Completed.
If you finish record total number of muscle ups.
If you don’t have muscle ups or don’t get past the 5 min mark-rest 5 min and then do this:

7 rounds NFT:
6 strict pullups
6 strict ring dips
6 Muscle up transitions
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Saturday 071214

Workout of the Day

U.S. Army Captain Jason Holbrook, 28, of Burnet, Texas, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on July 29th, 2010 in Tsagay, Afghanistan when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Heather Holbrook and his parents Joan and James Holbrook.

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