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Monday 092214

Workout of the Day

6 RFT:

x20 KB Snatches @ 53/35

x1 Legless Ropeclimb

immediately after finishing, complete x90 Goblet Squats @ 53/35 NFT




Mobilize the front bits of your shoulders, folks, and create more movement in your internal rotation. It’s gonna hurt so good.


Oh it’s about to get all Autumn up in here! Get ready for it! Check out Paleo Mom‘s “Cinnamon-Braised Beef Cheeks”.


Sunday 092114

Happy Rest Day!

Have you been thinking about the Throwdown? It’s going to be fun and a chance for everyone to get together.  Coach Garrett is planning a wonderful event for us and if things go according to schedule “The wall will be down”.  OCTOBER 11 @ 12-4  Prize is yet to be determined