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Rest Day 101214

Meet Anita.


She’s a wife to 1 beastly man, a mama to 2 A-dorable boys, a teacher, and owner/baker of Anita Little Paleo. She’s a ball of energy in the gym and we love having her! We asked her some questions to get to know her better:



How/why did you start Crossfit?

I started CrossFit in January of 2012 so my CF addicted husband would stop nagging me to try a class. My intention was to go to one class and never go back. As you can see, I was hooked. 

What’s your day job when you’re not acting like a super hero in the gym?

I am a biology teacher at First Colonial High School in VB. 

Anita4What are your favorite and least favorite movements?

I hate GHD sit-ups. I love power cleans. 

What have been the benefits of Crossfit in your life?

The biggest benefit to me was that I gained self confidence and a better body image. I used to want to be skinny. Now I’m happy being fit and instead of looking at the weight on the scale for motivation, I look at the weight on the barbell. CrossFit has been very empowering for me. 



What are some of your goals?

Ive been chasing a 185# DeadLift for over a year and finally got it!! I know for some that’s not a very lofty goal, but for me, it’s HUGE!! I don’t compete, and don’t set huge PR’s often. I like to do fundraiser WODs and just enjoy CrossFit for the camaraderie and the fitness.

Anita2What’s something others might not know about you?

Since starting CF, I’ve happily gained 15 lbs. I also own and ran Anita Little Paleo. I used to travel on weekends to CF Comps and sell my GF/DF muffins, cookies, and blondies. I loved it. I got to meet several games athletes and loved making new friends everywhere I went. The CF Community is so friendly and inviting that people welcomed me with open arms. I am no longer “officially” in business but still make cookie orders for friends and can bake orders upon request.


Thank you for sharing, Anita! We loved getting to know you better :)

Saturday 101114

Crossfit Oceana is hosting “Barbell Beef 3” today from 12p.m. -2p.m. (check-in is at 11a.m.)

Come out and support athletes from around the area!





Workout of the Day 


20mn AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats




Event #4 for Crossfit Oceana’s Throwdown, “Barbell Beef 3″ will be the following: 

10 squat cleans @225/155
75 double unders
20 c2b pull-ups


Event #3 for Crossfit Oceana’s Throwdown, “Barbell Beef 3″ will be the following:

1 min from the end of wod 2. 800m sprint for time.
This is scored as a separate event.

Wednesday 100814

Workout of the Day

Every :60 x12

Perform x1 DL (increase load each effort)

All Bars start @ 135/95

After Final DL

x50 DL @ 135/95

x50 HSPU




















Untacking the hammie and opening up the high hip.



It’s October and that means Halloween. Check out the “Spooky Vegetables and Avacado Dip” on Paleo Dieting.


As many of you may have seen on Saturday, we are making awesome progress on the gym expansion. Yay for more space!

A few things to note as we continue to try and make this transition as smooth as possible:

1. Please use our back entrance to enter the gym.

2. Childcare area and Tina’s office have now been moved to the new space.

3. We welcome anyone willing to help with the demolition and transition :)

Again, thank you for your patience!

Rest Day 100514

Meet Allison.


She’s like the Stealth Fighter Jet. She enters quietly…under the radar…smiles quietly, pretends nothing out of the ordinary’s about to happen, and then BAM! She destroys the WOD like it was no big deal. And then she smiles again. She was part of team Shogun Crossfit that became the fittest in Asia 2014. No big deal.

She and her husband, John, have been here for a few months but will be heading on to North Carolina in a few weeks. She is pregnant with their first baby (girl)and still performing like a beast! We asked Allison a few questions so we could get to know her better:

How/why did you start Crossfit?

Allison: “I was a runner before I started doing CrossFit. But, it had started to get a little monotonous. Around the same time as I was struggling to get my miles in, one of my best friends got her Level 1 and forced a group of us to join her in a workout, Fran. “How cute”, I thought (or judged), “there are names for workouts!”45 minutes later, I finished. I had just had my ass handed to me. I only used a 45# bar and did every single one of the pull ups strict, but, I was hooked.”



How long have you been doing it?

Allison: “Almost three years. But, the first two years were spent doing workouts with a group of friends; the only CrossFit box on Okinawa was 45 minutes away. I could have made it to the WOD’s but all my friends had kids and couldn’t so, I stuck with them. But, we were kind of like our own box in a sense. We always worked out at the same time, we encouraged and pushed each other, and we held each other accountable.”



What are your favorite and least favorite movements?

Allison: “Favorite: Handstand Push-ups, Shoulder to Overhead movements, Double Undersm Muscle Ups, Cleans. Least Favorite: Muscle Ups, Snatches, OHS.”

What have been the benefits of it to you?

Allison: “Because of CrossFit, I have gained confidence, not only in myself but also in my abilities as an athlete. I’ve also overcome a very unhealthy relationship with food. Soon into my CrossFit journey, I realized the importance of good nutrition; something I was not doing much of “because I wanted to be skinny”.”


What are some of your goals?

Allison: “Currently, I want to maintain a high level of fitness throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Once lil bit is born, I want to learn to check my ego at the door (because after 6 weeks of not working out AND just having a baby, I can imagine I’ll be simply unimpressed with my performance), and remind myself of where I’ve come from. I told John the other day, once I’m back to my previous level of fitness – my #1 goal is to get a strict MU. Before getting pregnant, I could do 5 or 6 in a row, but they were often a hit or miss movement.
I want our kids to know what it means to be healthy and active.
I want to inspire others to push themselves outside of their comfort zone; amazing things will happen when you allow yourself to break through fears or complacency.
Outside of CrossFit: I am working to get my Masters in Speech Pathology. In my perfect world, I’ll find a wonderful job in the school system that our kids are enrolled in so that our holidays overlap…and I like summers off :)”

What’s something nobody would know about you?

Allison: “If John hadn’t deployed to Afghanistan for six months, I wouldn’t have joined ShoGun CrossFit. If I hadn’t joined ShoGun, I wouldn’t have been asked to join their competitive team, then gone on to Regionals with them, and helped them  make it to the Games. Ultimately, I would not have learned what amazing things my body can do, how competitive I really am, and what an amazing sense of family CrossFit can provide.

I have three vices. Peanut butter – it’s something I just cannot say no to if it’s in the house. Cereal – again, this cannot be in the house. If it is, it won’t be there for too long….I have no self control! And finally (and maybe most importantly) frozen yogurt – love me some Sweet Frog!”


Thank you for sharing, Allison! We love having you here and hope you will always call us your home in Virginia Beach ;)