Sunday 072714

Thank you for being patient as we work out the kinks with the website. We are continuing to fix the last little hiccups and thank you for your understanding. Until then, enjoy this wonderful rest day!

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Saturday 072614

Workout of the Day


27 minute AMRAP: 

7 thrusters @ 115/95
6 rope climbs
14 box jumps


Thomas Edward Blais departed this life on July 6th, 2014 in Virginia Beach, Va. He was 84. A Master Chief in the U.S. Navy, he enjoyed a 27 year career in the Special Warfare Community as an Underwater Demolition Team “Frogman” and Navy SEAL. Naster Chief Blais. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife Florence DelRosso Blais and son Rock Edward Blais, LCDR SEAL, USN. He is survived by his daughter Eva Blais and her family, as well as great-grand children. Condolences may be offered to the family by visiting

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On Ramp 072514


5 Minute Warm Up

10 Minute Lift : Over Head Squat

10 Minute WOD : Row 750M then “Randy”

5 Minute Mobility Piece : Hips

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Don’t forget to sign up!

You can register with a friend and workout as a team or do it solo. AND you can scale it!!

So there’s no excuse ;)

August 2nd, Crossfit Oceana will be participating in the 31 Heroes WOD at Crossfit Waterside.

But if you can’t make it out, Oceana will be running 1 WOD @ 9a.m. with child care.

Click HERE to register for the event.


Come join your coaches and fellow athletes for this great charity cause! It’s a perfect way for Crossfit Oceana to get involved with the Hampton Roads Crossfit community.

Let’s show our support with a big turnout!

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On Ramp 072414


5 Minute Warm Up

10 Minute Review Snatch (PVC or EMPTY BAR)

10 Minute Review C&J (PVC or EMPTY BAR)

10 Minute WOD : 100 Double Unders 1 Rope Climb 100 Double Unders 50 Burpees

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On Ramp 072314


5 Minute Warm Up

20 Minute Snatch

10 Minute WOD : 3 Minute Plank 30 WBS 30 Pull Ups 30 Sit Ups

Mobility Piece : Low Back


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WOD #4

Due July 27th

Good Job on the MU WOD guys. We are going to continue to work on weaknesses that crush people in Comp WODs. This week Fat Jackie. Being able to struggle through high sets and then move in to a challenging Gymnastics move while out of breath is the deciding difference in many competitions. AND you will get better at Chest 2 Bar pullups.


1000m Row

50 Thrusters @65/45

30 CHEST 2 BAR Pull ups

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