On Ramp Workouts

Once on Wodify click setting, program, Or Ramp


At CrossFit Oceana we offer classes led by experienced and  certified trainers. They are educated in fitness and in the bio-mechanics of the human body. 

Each class work out consists of a warm-up, briefing on the work out, making appropriate scaling and modifying and the work out! The class lasts one hour long. 

"It's Scalable"

CrossFit is not just for the Navy seal, the police officer or the professional football player. 

The work outs are scaled (modified) to fit the athlete's current fitness level. 

This is achieved through progressions.

There are progressions for all the movements in CrossFit.

As your fitness level increases you will begin to increase functional use of your beautifully designed body.

"Hence' increase work load and move up the progression scale to reach the prescribed movements. 

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