Member of the Month


As a coach, Lauren is one of the Athletes I love to watch... not to be creepy. Because she puts everything she has into what she does. And not just in a workout... during the RP Nutrition Challenge, she is the one who has worked that hardest and has made HUGE changes across the board! And not to mention she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out! - C. Sarah

We asked Lauren what made her try CrossFit in the first place? Why she chose US and what made her keep coming back?

I first heard about crossfit 4 years ago when my sister introduced me to it. I've always been involved in sports since I was little, so I was very interested to see what crossfit would be like. After my first session, I remember waking up the next day and not being able to move from being so sore. I had never worked out so hard in my life...and I LOVED it. I continued crossfit for a couple years, but due to a change in my work schedule, I could not make any of the classes and had to take a break. I’ve happily been back at Oceana Crossfit since August 2016 and have no intentions or desire to stop being a member. Crossfit has shown me that mentally and physically, I am a lot stronger than I realize. I have pushed myself to new limits every class. Working out has never been so “fun”. I love that my daughter can see me working out and has a desire to one day follow in my footsteps.

I would not trade any box for this one. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and truly want to see you succeed. They push you..HARD..and sometimes harder because they know the strength you have even when you doubt yourself. The community of people at Oceana Crosfit are truly amazing. They know how to take things seriously and work hard but also how to relax and have fun. Never will anyone make you feel like less of an athlete no matter what level you are at. Everyone is helpful, inspiring and motivating. OC is family and that is what makes it so special to me.