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Getting started with CrossFit is simple at CrossFit Oceana!

Want to get started? It’s easy!

  1. Come in and sign a waiver.
  2. Try your first class for free!
  3. Then start attending any of the following classes that suit your schedule:

M/W/F – 7:30A.M.
M/T/W/Th – 7P.M.
W/Th/Sat – 10A.M. with DAYCARE

We recommend athletes that are new to crossfit, come at least 3x a week to get the most out of it.

A typical one hour class includes:

  • A short warm-up
  • Instruction on a Crossfit fundamental movement
  • A great workout specifically programmed for people new to Crossfit
  • Stretching/mobility

If you are an experienced Crossfitter please come to an On Ramp class and speak to the coach about your fitness goals.

I loved that On Ramp class! What’s next?

Every new member is recommended to stay in our On Ramp classes for one month.  In On Ramp, you will learn the basics of crossfit, become more familiar with the movements you will experience in our regular classes and get a feel for the intensity of CrossFit workouts. This is the perfect opportunity to meet friends, correct your movements, learn in a safe environment and seek extra attention. At Crossfit Oceana, we care about your success and want you to take the time to build a good foundation.
If your schedule does not permit On Ramp class attendance or for ease of learning, a one-on-one personal fundamental may be scheduled with an Oceana coach.Pricing:One month of OnRamp is $100/month, One-on-one private fundamentals is $75 for two sessions Final Step
After your two private fundamentals or first month in On Ramp, you are ready to conquer regualr CrossFit classes and our specialty Olympic and Power Lifting classes! 

Think you can’t? We want to prove you can!

For more information or if you have any questions, please email us at:

“It is imperative that someone new to CrossFit takes the first month to learn the movements, if they’re not already intimate with them, and establish consistency before increasing intensity. If you can get through the workouts for one month straight without falling apart, then we recommend that you up the intensity a little the following month.” — Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

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