About The OC

Why Should YOU come to the OC?

“Enhancing your physical body into the machine it needs to be will create momentum into your life. You can and should work this wonderful body; it’s a part of being healthy. You desire the best! You should become the best! Be the reflection in your mind!  Everyone is welcome. Everyone is trained. Everyone works hard and has a great time.  You should come to the OC to increase vitality, become more mobile and be part of a community that cares about your well-being.”  Dr. Tina Degiorgio

“From the beginning, the “people” matter. Cultivating an environment worth committing to.  The facility has constantly changed and improved but, ever since the doors opened for business with bare floors and the lack of paint on the walls, the “ethos” has been the same. No athlete is more important than the next, nothing is more important than each athletes body and mind.”   -Head Coach Matt S.