Thursday 062713

Workout of the Day


5×3 @85% of 5RM

5×2 @88% of 5RM


4 Rounds for Time: 

20* Wall Ball Shots

20* GHD Sit Ups

10* Dips

*All Sets Must be Unbroken [any set not completed unbroken must be restarted]. 15 Minute Time Cap*


K-Starr talks about the difference between bracing your structure for moving and putting yourself at end range with a ton of pressure on your joints. 


A smelly (maybe somewhat crude) topic, but just in case you wanted some more information about what’s coming out of your body and what it means, in a fun infographic :D

What Your Poop and Pee are Telling You About Your Body


What a cute little dish for summer from Seasonal & Savory! Check it out.

Watermelon and Feta Stacks


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