Thursday 122712

Workout of the Day


5×1 @77% on BLOCKS

5×1 @80% on BLOCKS

3×3 @80% FROM FLOOR (T&G)


15 Minute AMRAP:

10 Power Cleans @80%

1 Split Jerk

10 15M Suicide Sprints


Some how… Some way… I heard someone yesterday talk about knee problems. After the mobility from yesterday, try this out. If you want to know why to do this, what is going wrong with your knee, or just are a little geeky and want the nerdy guy set-up (I’m guilty…) to this Mobility WOD, click here. If you just want the bread and butta, and want to get to mobilizing ASAP, check this out, g’ahead fix yo’self : 


Don’t forget about keeping your little muscles and little tendons strong and mobile. And I’m not being endearing when I say “little”, I actually mean the smaller ones. Tabata Times gets a Dr. to tell us how to keep our arches safe and, ipso facto, our whole body working. Rolling your arch on a lax ball actually feels ridiculously awesome. Check it out!

How to Strengthen Your Arch


If you don’t love Lemon Bars, I don’t understand you. If you love them, check out this recipe from Against All Grain, it’s yumtasmic. 

Lemon Bars


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