Thursday 122012

Workout of the Day


5×5 @75%

3×7 @70%


5 Rounds:

2 2-Position Snatches (Full-Hang) @135/95

12 Ring Dips

20 Walking Lunges


Translate your good mechanics into everything you do. K-Starr teaches us how to walk up stairs. Use good mechanics if you want to stay pain free. Use them with everything! Need to pick something up off the ground? Deadlift it! Check it out. 


A note from Catalyst Athletics on why training lifts behind the neck improve your overhead position on a couple different movements. Use ‘em. 

Greg Everett, Get it Behind Your Neck 


In keeping with the theme of giving you guys ideas for things to cook for guests you may have coming over.. Here’s a yummy recipe from Our Life in Food for a side that will make you and your people go MMMmmmMMM. Nom on beautiful people. 

Scalloped Potato Gratin 


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