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Tuesday 010113

Happy New Year! We will have a 7am Oly Class, 9am Class and Noon Class. 

Workout of the Day

EMOTM for 10 minutes

1 Snatch DL @ 115%


13 rounds:

1 Muscle Up

3 Snatches @ 70%

13 Air Squats


Take care of those hips. Most of the lower body stiffness and problems we see in the gym have their root in tight, unmobilized hips. So once again, take care a’dem hips. I want to seem some peeps mobilizing tomorrow! 


Just a little snatch eye candy to get  you ready for yours today… Put it on mute unless you want to feel like you’re being brainwashed… 


Jan’s Sushi Bar gives us a recipe for something quick and tasty that should satisfy that sweet craving you may get at around 8pm… (no? just me? whatevs…) Either way they are a yummy side dish. 

Mashed Sweet Potato and Banana



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Monday 123112

Last Day of 2012! Are you seriously going to wait ’til next year to get in the gym?? Come in today, CLASSES END AFTER THE 430PM, THERE WILL BE NO 6 or 7PM!

Workout of the Day

High Bar Back Squat

1×1 @95%

3×1 @92%

3×1 @90%

3×1 @88%

1x5 @80%


5 Rounds:

5 Strict Chin Ups

10 Handstand Push Ups

15 Calorie Row


We’ve done mobility like this before, but we’ve never committed to this kind of set-up! K-Starr puts a twist on an old classic to get us ready for externally rotating in our HSPU’s today (but will also help you out for jerks, bench, dips, anywhere you want that external rotation and get that torque that makes movements like butta). 3 different mobility exercises to try… I better see you doing at least one tomorrow!


This little picture that Tabata Times posted is awesome. I think I want to print it out and put it on my fridge. Save it to your phone and when someone tells you that eating bacon, nuts or meat for breakfast will make you fat, you pull this picture out and give them a big ol’ BLAMMO! Check it out.

What is Really Making You Fat?


Nourish Paleo Foods did a recipe round-up for New Year’s parties. SWEET (and salty, and delicious)! Check out the bunches of recipes fit for any conscious eater’s New Year’s feast. Nom on into the New Year beautiful athletes. 

Lucky 2013 Recipe Round Up for a Paleo New Year’s Party


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Sunday 12/30/12

rest day at the OC



I hope Coach Sara will post some pics.  We have awesome athletes. My hat is off to the winners and I bow to the new athletes who shined to the finish.


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Saturday 122912

Battle of the Classes starts at 9am! This will be our only time today and it will most likely go over and hour.

Come in, join forces with the familiar faces (2 males, 2 females) from your normal class time and battle it out in a grueling session including:

  • 1 minute of a MYSTERY bodyweight movement

  • Strength Ladder

  • Team completes Bull, then GI Jane, then Blake. 

Scores will be totaled, and a class time will be dubbed SUPREME. Don’t worry, there will be another chance to dethrone the winners in a couple months.

Teams can be created in the morning when everyone shows up so don’t worry about planning beforehand, and if you’re allegiance is torn, it’s time to make a decision, hearts may be broken… 












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Friday 122812

Workout of the Day

Bench Press

3×1 @85%

1×10 @70%



Not For Time

5 Rounds:

15 Weighted Hip Extensions

6 Seated Barbell Press (heavy as possible)

Max Effort Set of Unbroken Ring Dips


Shoulders. You’ve got ‘em, and chances are you are missing full range of motion on one or both. There are few workouts in our gym where your shoulders are not involved. So… it kinda stinks to be working on a faulty system. Try a Skin the Cat. If you can do it (fear factor aside) you’re shoulders are healthy and you get a gold star for being mobile, if you can’t check out this video from K-Starr.


One last plea to please give your body some support (SIKE, it’s definitely not the last time I’m going to beg you to take care of yourself, I have no shame). Robb Wolf hits you with some more sigh-ants(science) to explain what goes on in your body under the conditions you put on it, and what you should do to keep it performing like a well-oiled machine. 

Neurotransmitters and Prolonged Exercise


If you can get past the fact that artichokes look a little intimidating.. they’re freaking delicious. And fresh cannot compare to canned in the least. I used to go koo-koo for them as a kid cause they’re fun to eat and you usually get to dip them in yummy sauces. Here’s an easy and yummy recipe from I Breathe… I’m Hungry.

Roasted Artichokes w/ Lemon Tarragon Butter


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Thursday 122712

Workout of the Day


5×1 @77% on BLOCKS

5×1 @80% on BLOCKS

3×3 @80% FROM FLOOR (T&G)


15 Minute AMRAP:

10 Power Cleans @80%

1 Split Jerk

10 15M Suicide Sprints


Some how… Some way… I heard someone yesterday talk about knee problems. After the mobility from yesterday, try this out. If you want to know why to do this, what is going wrong with your knee, or just are a little geeky and want the nerdy guy set-up (I’m guilty…) to this Mobility WOD, click here. If you just want the bread and butta, and want to get to mobilizing ASAP, check this out, g’ahead fix yo’self : 


Don’t forget about keeping your little muscles and little tendons strong and mobile. And I’m not being endearing when I say “little”, I actually mean the smaller ones. Tabata Times gets a Dr. to tell us how to keep our arches safe and, ipso facto, our whole body working. Rolling your arch on a lax ball actually feels ridiculously awesome. Check it out!

How to Strengthen Your Arch


If you don’t love Lemon Bars, I don’t understand you. If you love them, check out this recipe from Against All Grain, it’s yumtasmic. 

Lemon Bars


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Wednesday 122612

Workout of the Day

High Bar Back Squat

5×5 @75%

Front Squat

EMOTM for 5 Minutes


5 Wall Ball Shots


7 Rounds:

21 Ab Mat Sit Ups

3x Push Press @85%


Free your quads! Let K-Starr help your tight and/or sore leggies. If your coach hears you complaining about pain in your knee, hips, quads, low back… you better have tried this mobility first before the warm-up!! Check it out.


You need sleep. Bottom line. If you want to operate optimally, do your darndest not to mess with your snoozing. It’s just as important to keeping your body fueled as your nutrition is. 70’s Big dedicates an article to sleeping and gives you some helpful tips if “its hard to fall asleep” (cause I’ve fallen asleep on the gym floor before…).

The Importance of Sleep


Hi. This looks awesome. Coming from an Italian… pasta without pasta would seem like blasphemy but this yummy combo of veggies and bacon looks amazing! Thanks to Clumsy Warrior, you can have a fresh little pasta dish without the pasta :D

Zucchini Carbonara



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