Friday 110212

Workout of the Day 

Establish a 1RM Dead Lift

Immediately after 1st Failed Attempt

Complete 100 Burpee Broad Jumps As Fast As Possible

(Each Athlete measures and marks a 7 foot/4 foot gap)



Mobility & Strength


Doubling these two regions of our daily website post because RECOVERY is one of, if not, THE most important thing you can do for your strength gains. You may have noticed people, mainly Coach Garrett, wrapping an deflated bike tire around parts of his body. Ever wonder why? Lift Big Eat Big goes over the benefit of using compression straps to help you recover and become, ya know, better. The also go over precautions and how to use them. Check it out!


Lift Big Eat Big, Compression Straps For Recovery


Hello comfort food! Twice baked anything is on my list of favorites. This yummy fall dish looks like the perfect thing to warm you up in this cold weather that has suddenly come upon us! We have Gourmande in the Kitchen to thank for this one! YUM.

Twice-Baked Roasted Butternut Squash Puree with Parmesan and Sage



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