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Saturday 120112


Workout of the Day


Canadian Forces Corporal Nicholas Bulger, 30, of Peterborough, Ontario, assigned to the 3rd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, died July 3, 2009 while on patrol in the Zhari district of Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device exploded near his vehicle. Cpl. Bulger is survived by his wife Rebeka, and daughters Brookelynn and Elizabeth.

10 Rounds For Time:

150m Run

7 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

7 Front Squats  (135/95)

7 Handstand Push-Ups

100 Days of Situps Start (with a vengeance) Monday! 


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BOOT CAMP 113012

Boot Camp WOD

50 Plank Walk-Ups

25 Knees to Elbows

40 Plank Walk-Ups

20 Knees to Elbows

30 Plank Walk-Ups

15 Knees to Elbows

20 Plank Walk-Ups

10 Knees to Elbows

10 Plank Walk-Ups

5 Knees to Elbows

Cash out: 5 x 100m sprints

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Friday 113012

Workout of the Day

“Grace Under Fire”

5 C&J @90%

5 C&J @85%

5 C&J @80%

5 C&J @75%

5 C&J @70%

5 C&J @65%

**For Every Missed Attempt Perform 5 Burpees**


If you hear me squealing tomorrow hanging over a barbell, it’s because I’m trying to free up my sub-scap. If I were someone about to do a bunch of Clean and Jerks.. I may want to do the same… (TAKE THE HINT). You’ll find the overhead jerk position much more comfortable to get into and maybe not have to do any burpees cause you don’t miss clean and jerks cause of bad mobility! 


This one’s for the laaaadies. 70’s Big hits us with some advice on how to reconcile the fact that we want to wear high heels, dresses and do lady-like things, like crossing our legs when sitting, with the other fact that we want to lift more than the dudes in the gym do (don’t lie, we all think about it). Bottom line: you don’t have to pick one or the other, but if you want to be able to do both, you are going to need some extra mobility devoted to undoing what your lady behaviors have done. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

70’s Big, The Danger of Being a Woman


If you are ever craving chinese food, try this recipe instead of going out to grab it at that place where you can’t see it being prepared. It’s from Jan’s Sushi Bar, looks DELICIOUS and would definitely cure my craving! Serve it with some cauliflower rice and call it a meal. YUMMMM. 

General Tso’s Chicken


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Thursday 112912

**The BootCamp Class wants to challenge the rest of the gym to 100 days of Sit Ups, whose down?? **

Workout of the Day

4 High Bar Back Squat @80%

40 GHD Sit Ups

3 High Bar Back Squat @85%

30 GHD Sit Ups

Max Effort Set of High Bar Back Squat @85%

20 GHD Sit Ups

Max Effort Set of High Bar Back Squat @85%

10 GHD Sit Ups



K-Starr hits us with some math! His simple equation for painless, healthy moving is this: Correct Movement + Right Lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, stress) = You are a Perfect Healing Machine (PHM). 

If you are not sleeping 8 hours a night, don’t even look at this until you fix that. SERIOUSLY. “But I’m a night owl, I can’t go to bed early” BlahblahBLAH, try harder. Try ZMA, chamomile tea, warm milk, whatever, turn off the TV (see this article on the blue light given off by tv’s and other devices that blocks melatonin–that thing that helps you sleep) and snooze. 


An article from CrossFit Invictus on staying motivated. One of the best ways is to actually track your numbers and workouts. How will you know if you PR if you don’t know what you’re previous max was?! It puts things into perspective for you too, what feels like a plateau is usually just in your head. You think you should have had 4 PR’s in one week, so when you get 2, you’re not satisfied, celebrate ALL of your victories! We sure as hell will! 

CrossFit Invictus, Five Ways to Stay Motivated 


Eeek! I love meatballs!! These yummy darlings are courtesy of Everyday Paleo. Don’t shy away from the dried apricot, just chop it up small, it really makes this recipe extra delicious. You can go greek with it and serve it with tzatziki or go with an italian flare and through them in a marinara or arrabiata. Either way, nom on athletes. 

Yummy Greek Meatballs


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Wednesday 112812

Workout of the Day

10 Rounds:

1 Snatch @ 85% of 1RM

150M Row

15 minute time cap


Wrist pain? Let’s fix it, here and now, before you snatch in this workout. Seriously, if you complain of wrist pain and didn’t try these mobility exercises before you started, I’m going to have a straight face a.k.a no sympathy. We have two double lacrosse balls (he calls them peanuts) in the gym and we have plenty of bands, so no more excuses! Help yourself, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re your only hope. 


Here’s an article from Glenn Pendlay to athletes who want to pull like the pro’s. Bottom line: you’re going to have to LEARN how to pull like the pro’s… you’ve got to take the time to slow down the pulls and hit each point of performance, then once those neuro-muscular connections have been made, you speed it up. Then it’s all about accelerating the lift as you go. Check it out. 

Glenn Pendlay, Want to pull like Ilya Ilin?


Looking for a good paleo recipe that presents well? Maybe you have some guests you plan on entertaining this holiday season and want to stay on your clean eating plan without imposing too much on your guests? Try this recipe from Paleo Savvy. It looks super-delicious! Plus you can make a bunch of pulled pork over the weekend and use it in different recipes throughout the week. Enjoy!

Paleo Carnitas-Style Taco Tower




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BOOT CAMP 112812

Boot Camp WOD

Sara is my hero! Who is yours?

4 Rounds For Time:

400m Run          

1 Rope Climb  (or 5 body pulls)  

20 GHD Sit Ups

20 Box Jumps

20 Kettle Bell Swings 

At bootcampers request: we are repeating this workout because no one got the chance to give it a whirl! HAVE FUN!! 

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Tuesday 112712


Effective Monday December 3rd. Our schedule will be changing in order to facilitate more (& varied) classes. We are excited to offer an On-Ramp Class (OR) for new members as well as moving the late night OLY Class to the afternoon! Also, the Boot Camp class will now be 1/2 hour earlier (BC). Here is what the new schedule will look like (bold indicates new or changed):


Monday:        5:30 AM    6:30 BC    7:30 OR   9:00 AM    Noon   2:30OG   4:30PM   6:00 PM  

Tuesday:                      7:00 OLY    9:00 AM    Noon   2:30OG   3:30 OLY    4:30 PM   6:00 PM    7:00 OR

Wednesday:  5:30 AM    6:30 BC    7:30 OR   9:00 AM    Noon   2:30OG   4:30PM   6:00 PM

Thursday:                    7:00 OLY    9:00 AM    Noon   2:30OG   3:30 OLY    4:30 PM   6:00 PM     7:00 OR

Friday:           5:30 AM    6:30 BC    7:30 OR   9:00 AM   Noon   2:30OG   4:30PM    6:00 PM

Saturday:                                          9:00 AM            Noon


Workout of the Day

15 Minute AMRAP:

9 Hang Cleans @85% of 1RM Clean

11 Kettle Bell Floor Press (each arm)

did you guys get to see Will “Baby Giraffe” Paxson—> when he made his triumphant return from GMU this past week? don’t worry, you’ll get another chance between semesters!


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BOOT CAMP 112612

Boot Camp WOD

10 Rounds:

5 Hand Stand Push-Ups

10 Burpees

15 Ball Slams

30 minute time cutoff 

Don’t worry if you don’t get all the way through, just get as far as possible!! 


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Monday 112612

Workout of the Day

6 Rounds:

6 Toes to Bar

6 Pull Ups

6 High Bar Back Squat @60%

15 minute time cap


Yet another mobility WOD for the modern athlete. I know almost all of you text (or email from your phone)!! This mobility applies to you. You spend so much time minding your positioning in the gym, why aren’t you doing the same out of the gym? This mobWOD applies to cell phone usage, but think about when you pick your bag off the ground… or move something in the garage… are you in a good position? Something to think about!!


 SKWAT NAWLEDGE, from Catalyst Athletics

Greg Everett, Squat Stance & the Olympic Lifts


Another DELICIOUS cauliflower recipe, this one comes to us from The Clothes Make the Girl. Something to satisfy that craving for warm yumminess on these cold wintery days we’ve been getting! Put on some cabin socks and grab a bowl of this! 

Golden Cauliflower Soup


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