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Saturday 090112

“Pour it out and go Lay Down over There.”


If there was ever a perfect moment, day, and workout to introduce your neighbor, relative, or co-worker to our program it is today.  Every Saturday we embrace movements and rep schemes in an effort to remember the fallen.  Thank them for their service with our soreness.  Our “OC” family, please when you wake up and read this post or before you lay your head down for the evening, text a friend and challenge them to endure this experience with you.  This is what is about, right here, right now.


Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:

275 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
13 Push-ups
9 Box jumps, 24 inch box


James Hobart 23 rounds, Eric Magee 22 rounds, Amy Ferro 15 rounds + 5 DL (187lbs). Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

Corporal Ryan C. McGhee, 21, was killed in action on May 13, 2009 by small arms fire during combat in central Iraq. He served with 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment of Fort Benning, Ga. This was his fourth deployment, his first to Iraq. Ryan was engaged to Ashleigh Mitchell of Fredericksburg, VA. He is survived by his father Steven McGhee of Myrtle Beach S.C., his mother Sherrie Battle McGhee, and his brother Zachary.



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Friday 083112

“Mama Like.”



This isn’t easy.  Don’t forsee it ever becoming easy.  It has to become fun though, or else we’d all quit right?  It’s personally difficult to describe the “why” but, I figure nobody cares anyways.  Either people “love” this style of training, or it steers them to training more “their style.”  The sheer beauty and wonder behind Crossfit is that little to no effort can be put into the programming and most who participate with high intensity will “feel” something. Behind the curtain, it can all be at random.  In other words, “constantly varied”. 

The success of any program is without doubt dependant upon the effort given by the athletes carrying it out.  “Why” invest time, effort, and money into a comprehensive program?  “Why” not?  I personally felt that for the money athletes were investing, and money coaches were investing into their resumes, “why” not continue the investment.  It is true, that it (Crossfit) works.  Essentially, we (OC) could wake up every morning, go to Crossfit.Com and ride the wave.  3 years ago I realized that “random” wasn’t enough.  In fact, I didn’t think it was “right”.  I quickly understood that the only commonality between different athletes were the WODS.  I knew it would take effort to create a program which with little to no modificating would suit 5 different athletes with 5 different goals.  Weight loss, performance, enhancing principles of fitness, “toning” (I have no clue what that means still.), and of course overall health.

How does this all tie into a single point?  I don’t know.  Just wanted to share that at times, even coaches, owners, and competitors wonder “why”?  Is there a reason for Squat Cycles other than higher 1 Rep Max squats?  Any purpose behind 8 weeks of planks other than an extra ab or two?  Yeah.  There is a reason “why” we do a lot of anything for weeks on end.  Heavy, fast, and a lot.  There is reasoning for establishing a 1 Rep Max anything!  There is science behind sprinting every 6 days.  “Why”?  Because, we believe that any and every thing is possible.  If athletes are willing to believe in it, then the OC will continue to unexplainably invest time, money, and effort into the program.  It will never be easy but, it has to be fun.  Find somebody who is as selfish as you.  You train here because, you’re selfish.  Find somebody else who has goals, and wants things that are unexplainable.  Even if they are, sounds crazy for a woman to want to weigh 135 pounds and squat 220 pounds.  For a 5’5″ male athlete to have a vertical box jump of 55″.  Find somebody just as crazy, and keep training your ass off.


Lift : 8x 

A) 2x Speed Bench Press @55%

B) 1x Speed Dead Lift @60%

C) 8x Kettle Bell Swings @71/53

D) 50x Yard Shuttle Sprint


(coaches note : approach the “red” start line, set a sprinting stance, and begin each sprint from a dead stop.  Down and back, like you’ve gone mad.)



WOD : Mobilize Yourself.

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Thursday 083012

“Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new edition.”

Olympic Lifting Class today @7AM and 7PM.  Remember that coaches are exclusively setting up tripods and analyzing lifts in these classes.  They are also perfect for bringing a friend who has little to no experience.


Lift: 10-8-6-4-2-2-4-6-8-10

Bench Press and Pendlay Rows @100%/85% Body Weight


WOD : 10x Rope Climbs AFAP

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Wednesday 082912



It’s Squat Day so, no question we should have at least 100 people pour it out!  Welcome, Mike, Andrew, and Anthony to the team!  They’ve all about wrapped up Fundamentals and will be integrating themselves into the “House of Volume”.  Hazing is allowed, and encouraged.  Recently seen a lot of improvements from the following athletes who just thought deserved a shout out.  Good to see Dave back in the mix for this cycle.  Rodney has reappeared as if to defy the gods who threatened him with brutal soreness upon his return to the game.  Cathy and Bob have been getting privately coached at Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it has shown!  Bruce Bruce has been cleaning up his Olympic Lifting and looks tremendously better.  Eric Ballinger is on a mission before he leaves us, challenging coaches to bring on the pain.  Jessica Ortiz is probably going to Back Squat 200 by Labor Day.  Maggie “Magz” got her 1st Muscle Up, with video proof!  The entire 7 AM Boot Camp Class, is consistent.  The most consistent bunch of athletes we have.  Every one of them, Janna, Chantel, Brian, Meredith, Laura, Juleen, Grace, and if I am forgetting anyone else, you too!  

Lift : HBBS 2×8 @70% 1×4 @80%

          FS 1×5 @70% 1×5 @75% 1×3 @80% 1×2 @85% 1×1 @90%


WOD : Teams of 3 Race To Complete 400x Rope Waves – 40x HSPU – 200x Rope Waves – 20x HSPU

(coaches note : only one person working at a time, with one team member counting reps, and the other resting.)

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Tuesday 082812

“Is it hot in here?”


Olympic Lifting Classes Today @7AM & 7PM!  Remember Virginia is for Lifters!


Lift : 5×5 Snatch Push Press

          4×4 Heaving Snatch Balance


WOD : AFAP Complete a

250M Prowler Push @90/70

400M Run

80X Back Extensions 

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Monday 082712

 “Bada Bing Bada Boom.”

Lift :  Do you even have to ask?

HBBS 1×8 @70% 1×6 @75% 1×4 @75% 1×3 @85%

FS : 3×3 @75% 2×2 @85%


 (score is total reps accumulated)

WOD : 15x Minutes to Complete 5x Rounds

A) M.E. Ring Dips U.B.

B) 6x Burpee Over Box 

C) 6x Alternating Pistols

each round needs to be completed as fast as possible.  Rest is allowed before beginning next round.  

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sunday 08/26/12

one of Coach Pat's favorites

a href="">

Thank you for the fabulous Sat. We all need a rest day for sure

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Saturday 082512

“Let the Good Times Roll.”

“Let them knock us around.”


HERO WOD Saturday as promised.  Bring in a friend, pour out sweat.  Sacrifice time, energy, and soreness for a good cause.


Five rounds for time of:

2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps

30 Burpees

30 Glute-ham sit-ups

Marine Staff Sgt Daniel Hansen died February 14th in Farah Providence, Afghanistan when an IED he was working on detonated. Daniel is survived by his mother Sheryll, his father Delbert, his younger sister Katie, and his twin brother Matthew (also a Marine).

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Friday 082412

“Don’t be scared, just be intimidated.”

First week of the Squat Cycle is behind us, in the books, finito…  Keep a positive mindset, this is how we roll everybody.  We train harder than most, and we have the numbers to prove it.  Conversations this week back and forth between different athletes has brought a good topic to the table.  If anyone doesn’t already know, there is NOTHING wrong with coming to class on time and only completing either the lift or just the conditioning.  Asides from Monday and Wednesday, if the body is aching than mobility and recovery are paramount.  Showing up, getting a great “Appetizer” (Warm-Up) in, and either mobilizing while everyone lifts then jumping in on the workout or vice versa is A-OK.  There are just as many toys and tools for breaking up the soreness as toys and tools for breaking down the body in this facility.  Inversion table, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, bands, etc.

Lift : 8x   

A) 2x Pause Bench Press @65% 

B) 2x Bench Press @65%

C) 2x Speed Dead Lifts @55%

D) 8x GHD Sit Ups

WOD : Mobility 

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Thursday 082312

“Midline tight, locked in shoulders, tension in the hamstrings.”

 Looking for Competitions?  We should be!

Lifts : 5×3 Clean Pulls @ 115% of 1RM Clean

            5×4 Pendlay Rows @ 80% of 1RM Clean


WOD : “Helen”

3x Rounds for Time of

400M Run

21x KBS

12x Pull Ups

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