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Wednesday 080112

“Awkward, Austere, Obscure, Weird.”

with 2 days of intensive upper body and pectoral focused movements behind us, coaches know what is sore.  we are right there with “you”.  circulation, and opening those shoulders up is what will alleviate that tenderness.  in order to gain raw strength, or become more efficient in specific capacities it may take that focus and emphasis.  NONE THE LESS, DO NOT REST BECAUSE OF THAT FEELING.  THE REST OF THE WEEK WILL BE KIND TO YOU….sort of.


Lift : Dead Lift

 1×5 @50% 1×5 @60% 1×15@70%


WOD : For time Complete

50x Hip Extensions – 50x Pistols

50x Toes to Bar – 15x Rounds of Cindy

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Tuesday 073112

“This is where a normal person would stop.”



Do not forget to click this link!  Check it out, register, compete, complete the challenge, and support those who have fallen.  




Lift :   6x

(A) 7x Kettle Bench Press each Arm *Heavy as Possible
(B) 7x Kettle Bell Rows each Arm *Heavy as Possible


WOD : 30-20-10 Wall Ball Shots @20/14 and Alternating One Arm Ring Rows

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Monday 073012

“Where’s your head at?”

Definitely in the top 100 Photographs taken, of, all time.

Lift : 1×5 @50% 1×5 @60% 1×15 @70% HBBS

          1×5 @50% 1×5 @60% 1×15 @70% Front Squats 


WOD : “Lynne” 5x Rounds for M.E. Repetitions of 

Body Weight Bench Press, followed by, Pull Ups


(coaches note : this WOD is NOT for time.  Obviously there is a time cap however, there can be variance in resting to achieve a different WOD.  Rest as long as possible, listening to how the body feels after  each round to recover and attempt large sets.  Or, rest exactly 2-3-4 minutes each round to eliminate the need to “think” when the right moment to begin the next round is.)


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sunday 072912


I’m loving our  Saturday hero wods






Mental Performance Training

From Dawn Fletcher,,,, She practices in Sport Psychology

Dawn Points out a few things that separates a successful wod
from a “I need to redo that wod”

Preparation routine.. Concentrate on wod and block out
irrelevant/harmful thoughts.. Don’t worry about other competitors or uncontrollable
factors… Quick to refocus.. Communicate emotional issues that are holding you
back.. Remain cool under tension/stress… Regulate anxiety to benefit you.. High
self confidence… Shifts attention to match environment… Mental
rehearsal/visualization…. Use dissociation for fatigue,,, Arousal from psyche…
Balance outside the box… Know yourself,,, Seek coaching,,, Optimistic about


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Saturday 072812

“Work it.”


It is again time for us to honor the fallen and embrace HERO WOD SATURDAYS.  Grab your gear, get in the car, and train.



Seven rounds for time of:
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
95 pound Power clean, 15 reps
15 Box jumps, 24″ box

Jason Khalipa 11:57, Chris Spealler 12:13, Jaime Loera 12:34, Rick Helmann12:34, Alex Rollin 12:35, Karianne Dickson 12:39 (1 pood KB, 65lb clean, 24″ box), Kristan Clever 12:55 (1 pood KB, 65lb clean, 24″ box), Carey Kepler 13:04 (1 pood KB, 65lb clean, 24″ box), Annie Thorisdottir 14:10 (1.5pood, 95lb clean, 24″ box), Duncan Martin 13:00 (age 12, 5 rnds, 24lb KB, 55lb clean, 20″ box),Matt Ross 13:59 (age 14, 5 rnds, 1pood KB, 85lb clean, 20″ box).
Post time to comments.


Enlarge image

U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremiah Wittman, 26, of Darby, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, was killed on February 13, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a roadside bomb in Zhari province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his daughters Miah and Ariauna, wife Karyn, siblings Robert H., Charity, Jenell, and Natasha, father Robert, and mother Cynthia Church.


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Friday 072712

“Soreness, sleep, recover, repeat.”

Kick off the weekend right by dragging not only your awesome butt into the building but, drag somebody else with you!  Do not drag grab them, and drag their butt.  The details aren’t important.  Just know that the “OC” wants you to feel free, to bring a friend to a free class.  If you’re resting today, do not forget about HERO WOD SATURDAYS in which you can also bring a friend.

15x Minutes Mobility of Hips and Thoracic

Lifts : 8x (A)  Speed HBBS x2 @45% of 1RM

                  (B) 2x High Box Jumps (+30″/+20″)

            8x (A) Speed Dead Lifts 8×2 @45% of 1RM

                  (B) 2x High Box Jumps (+30″/+20″)


WOD : 400M Sled Pull (any weight) 



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Thursday 072612

“You have to see yourself standing up.”

Olympic Lifting Class 7AM and 7PM!  Lift, a lot, you should.

Main Lift : Clean & Jerk 3-2-2-1-1-1-1


Please, visit and register for the 31 Heroes WOD that takes place on Saturday, August 4th.  Read the story, understand the cause, and support.  Not only is the “OC” registered to host this event, many athletes including Coach Matthew, Coach Pat, and Coach Cat will be traveling elsewhere to represent our family.  31 Heroes Dot Com  

Skill/New Movement : 10×3 Pendlay Row @65% of 1RM Clean

WOD : 21-15-9 

Strict Pull Ups

GHD Sit Ups

Calorie Row (feet outside of straps)



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Wednesday 072512

“Some days chicken, some days feathers.”

(I have no idea what that means, just always stuck.)

Lift (s) : 5×2 Thrusters (increase load each set)

6×5 Dead Lift @last successful weight from thrusters


WOD : 10x Minute AMRAP of : 200x Yard Run – 20x K2E 

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Tuesday 072412

Get, your, lift, ON!

Olympic Lifting Class at 7AM and 7PM, do not be too cool for school boys and girls!  Be one with the Bar.

Lift : Work up to failure on the following complex : 1x Full Repetition is

1x Push Press 

1x Rack Push Press 

1x Push Press

(coaches note : there will have to be an adjustment in grip after lowering the barbell onto the back.  athletes complete a push press and after the lock-out, lower the bar to the back “rack” position.  Adjust the hands to a grip width more similar to snatching.  After lock-out, lower to front “rack” position and adjust grip width again.  THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE AWKWARD!)  (AND FUN!)

Complete 30x Push Jerks @ last successful load from above

(coaches note : if an athlete fails to complete a complex rep @165 pounds but, managed to successfully complete a complex @155 pound then that athlete should take the barbell back down to 155 pounds, and complete 30 push jerks in any rep scheme desired.)

WOD : AFAP Complete 250x Double Unders Rest 1x Minute Complete 200x Double Unders Rest 1x Minute 30x HSPU

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Monday 072312

“Has anyone ever told you, looks like someone has a case of the Mondays?”

The Garage Games Mid Atlantic Event was, well organized, well run, and the staff adapted to the weather on the fly.  The community put business aside, and just threw down on challenging events which seemed to be crushing athletes.  If there is one thing I (Coach Matthew) can take away from the “OC” athletes that participated in the Garage Games it is that there is a good reason to have a program with a direction.  Not to say that any athlete who week in and week out completes grueling workouts isn’t going to do well in a competition but, linear training proves to be “king”.  Our own Coach Cat, Tina, and the “Schecklnator” showed that if volume is high, movements are varied, and limits are frequently pushed, when it comes time to “turn it up” it’s in the bag.  It was jaw dropping watching “come from behind” moments from athletes who we all knew were absolutely exhausted.  Big credit to all athletes there but, of course to be bias, it was admirable to watch our own athletes including Jimmy “The Scheklnator” push, and be present enough to “think” during a workout.  Analytical animals all the while digging deep.  Coach Cat took 3rd overall, and placed high in every single event.    

Lift : 1×5 @70% 1×5 @75% 1×5@80% HBBS
1×5 @70% 1×5 @75% 1×5 @80% Front Squat                          

WOD : “Helen” *Compare to 4th of July week.                            3x Rounds : 400M Run – 21x KBS – 12 Pull Ups 











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