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girls wod 6/30/12

most of the girls                                                                                                           suckage,, all the way

partners in wod

 beast mode









yeah!!!!just in case the car breaks down and you need to push it in 100 degree weather


inch worms










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rest unless one of the cfoc coaches decides they haven’t had enough for the week..

I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in the ALL GIRLS WOD.

set-up, coach, food, moral support, clean-up, admin, woding

It all helped to make wonderful people closer together.

I received countless thanks for hosting and compliments on the staff and gym.

I am very grateful for all and look forward to the next event

Jackie took lots of pics and will post tomorrow,, but I found this one!!!!


be grateful today,, post comments… what are you most grateful for at this time in your life

Friend and Family

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Saturday 063012

“it’s hot but, we’re already here.  lets sweat.”

Do not forget that the ALL GIRLS WOD takes place at 10:00 AM!  If you are a woman, and workout, it’s where you should be.



speaking of “ALL GIRLS WOD”  It’s “G.E.”  our Future CF Games Female Competitor

9:00 AM Class – 12:00 PM Class WOD

Hero WOD “Holbrook”

Each Round for Time, 10x Rounds to be completed of :

5x Thrusters @115 – 10x Pull Ups – Sprint 100 Meters – Rest 60 Seconds

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Friday 062912

“Shine on, you crazy diamond.”


Head into the weekend with a sore (yet firm) gluteus maximus, a tender (yet shredded) midsection, and a set of burnt out (yet chizzled) shoulders! 


WOMEN!  Celebrate your femininity (I had to look it up on and come out for a Saturday WOD!  All Ladies, All hour, All putting in the work to be beautiful, as always. 

JUNE 30th    –    10:00 AM   –  Women   –  Show Up   –   WOD  

Lift : Establish a 2RM High Bar Back Squat

(coaches note :  I can hear it now, and YES this is a good day to squat heavy!  Last time we all PR’d on Back Squat, majority of us were incredibly sore.  A few of us had a difficult time getting on and off the toilet but, managed to PR on Back Squat.  Get in here, mobilize, stretch, warm-up quickly, and squat heavy for 12 minutes. )

WOD : Repeat any B.B.Beef Workout

We did this 2 weeks ago, and we all avoided one workout.  Choosing the workout we preferred.  This time, that workout does NOT exist.  Choose a new door friends.

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Thursday 062812

“I can dig it.”   OLYMPIC LIFTING CLASS TOMORROW at 7AM and 7PM!


Thanks everybody for rolling up their sleeves and getting these mats down in record time.  It only disrupted a few workouts, and thanks to those people for training in a madhouse environment and being patient.  To see Coach Garrett, Coach Pat, Reid, Will, walk into the building ready to get it done was awesome.  Anybody who enjoys the layout can thank Kerry Achatz for the design.  Go figure, the artist and chef knows how to design interiors too! 


Our house of pain is cosmetically finished.  Bring friends and family, lets pack the floor and get strong for the summer!

ALL Girls WOD is this Saturday too.  IF you are a woman, and you enjoy sweating, being sore, and dance music, come on out.  10:00 A.M.


Lift : Establish a 1RM Front Squat


WOD : 10x Minute AMRAP of 30x Double Unders – 15x Weighted Hip Extensions @25/15

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Wednesday 062712

“I plan on training hard this summer, hard.”

 Where is D-Lew and Bretta?

Lift : Establish a 2RM Dead Lift 


(coaches note : this is a touch-n-go movement.  athletes can rest in the hang position after finishing the first rep but, when the plates touch the ground the next rep needs to happen.)


WOD : AFAP complete 75x GHD sit ups – Row 1/2 Mile – 1x M.E. set of Pull Ups – 1x M.E. set of Thrusters @95/65


Hey, the first Olympic Lifting Tuesday was awesome.  Thank you to everyone who manipulated their schedule to attend.  Thursday, do it again.  In fact, double it.  If you want to be technical, and sexy, lift weights!  And lift them well!


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Tuesday 062612

“Coach Pat is back!”

In regards to “ask and you shall receive.” OC animals!  The Olympic Lifting jumps off tomorrow!  Tuesdays, Thursdays, at 7AM and 7PM.  It only exists because of how important WE as coaches feel it is to developing speed and power, and because YOU asked for it! 

(if you can name the lifter in this picture, you belong in these classes.)

These time slots are also a great opportunity to bring a friend!  As an introductory class, first-time experience, or challenge to friends and family.  FREE OF CHARGE!  Try it once, try it twice, then we can discuss “letting” them become a member of our tribe.




Lift : Establish a 1RM Bench Press

WOD : 5x Rounds of 9x Dead Lifts @225/155 – 9x HSPU










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Monday 062512

“Ask, and you shall receive.”

How is this week, different from every other week?  You’ll have to be patient as the floors are put in, and at the same time, coaches need you there everyday!  WE ARE ESTABLISHING NEW 1RM AND 2RM FOR 5 LIFTS.  I put that part in all caps so the jocks would read it. 

Your body is required, subject yourself to less sleep, pretend to be sick at work, whatever it takes. BE stronger. 


15x Minutes of Mobility

Establish a 1RM Push Press

WOD : 4x 20 yard Prowler Push on High Bars (start with a heavy load, and increase weight each set.) – 250M Sprint – 15x Burpees. 

(coaches note : complete each round with 100% intensity and rest.  let other people go ahead of you.  keep a rotation.  push yourself on the weight of the prowler.  Even if by the 4th set, you are slowed down to a slow crawl, move big weight 20 yards.)

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SUNDAY 062412

REST DAY or coaches choice (if any of the coaches plan to be in the gym please post on comments)

 if you didn’t know,, little Gracie started her decent into this world while mom was on the rower,, shirt is fitting…



please be patient this week while the floor is being laid and flags going up

(if you want to help let us know)


Tuesday & Thursday 7am and 7pm will be lifting classes

(if you want the regular wod class that’s fine too)

BUT many have asked for a lifting class only…. so here it is!!!!


oh yes! it’s getting hot but it’s part of the training,,,, hydrate before and after,,, lemon/honey water is great

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Saturday 062312


​To be true, it is late night for me (Coach Matthew) here in Tabor City, North Carolina. This is my hometown which is somewhat in the middle of nowhere. So much so that, I am sitting inside of a “Cyber Cafe”. What is a “Cyber Cafe”? I didn’t know either but, it was the only place in this town with an internet connection. Wanted to share what it was though, to share the experience. It is a dark hole where cigarettes are candy, and slot machines are gods. Can’t see, can’t breathe, but need to speak to the “OC”.

The infamous mats were delivered this afternoon (Friday).
I asked that company over 5 times, email and phone, for a week notification on our backordered flooring. I wanted to be there for that, really did. None the less, it is here, and cosmetically we will be a finished product soon! Please be patient through this, should take a week. Unfortunately, the rig needs to move, and the facility will take shape.

This trip, this weekend to see my grandfather puts much in perspective for me. Relevant to “you” at the “OC”. Haven’t seen him in 18 months, and “Coaching” is what kept me from him. In all actuality, it’s money, and life in general. It isn’t sad, in fact I think it’s universal that careers, jobs, and passions get in the way, or lead the way. 18 months ago, I “flew the nest”, leaving my first Crossfit Affiliate, stealing space from my parents by invading their 2 car garage with an entire Crossfit facility, and lastly meeting Tina. In the past 18 months, I met Tina. Two people who shared a common bond. Two common bonds. We loved “Crossfit”, and we loved “Community”. We love both now as well. To many, we would be just another result on a Google search. For us, this was a venture to change the game. Being a personal trainer isn’t difficult, at all. (No offense.) Being a coach, is an undertaking. The “OC” isn’t here to facilitate exercising. We don’t vomit movements and repetitions. We practice, we practice what we preach, and we care. I obsess over your snatch, just as much as you do. (please laugh.) You had a bad day at work, tell me about it because, it’s affecting your training. I want your body to look different, want your strength numbers to increase, want your family to wonder where you’ve been. There isn’t a lot of time to care about a lot of things. True story. I care about those who care about themselves. The importance of your health and body, is relative to my own. I can work with you! Point to all this, you’re in good hands. Thank you for trusting us, and giving us the opportunity to “coach” you, and for letting us share our product.

With that said, the new wave of programming that begins Monday, will consist of establishing new 1RM and 2RM of specific lifts. The sneak peek for now is that it will revolve around a 3 lift – 1 lift – 3 lift strength week. Tangled with Maxing Out on Olympic lifts once a week. Not to mention, running groups, the “Beef”, stretching classes, gymnastics, and more! During the 4th of July week, vacations are endorsed and encouraged. Every day that week will consist of mobility, technique with barbell, and a benchmark mmet-con. After the week of 4th of July, the percentages and volume will hit the mountain. Peak days of training, for the summer will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Tuesday-Thursday will be “Main Events” for olympic lifting. So, peak days of training, will be every day of the week. Ice, sand, water, and rest on the weekends. Get ready for 10 strength elements a week, crazy WODS, cleans, jerks, snatches, sprints!

WOD : Establish a 1RM Box Jump

15x Minute AMRAP of
9x KBS (2012 Standard)
10x Alternating Pistols
11x Knees to Elbows

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