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Tuesday 050112

“It’s nice to have skills.”

Hats off to everybody who trained Monday!  Positive start to a good week, and it’d only help us more if every day this week we keep the energy up!  It’s time to lean on your training partners for support, and motivation.  I dare everybody this week to partner up with one other person, and push the energy during lifting sessions, and compete head to head on the workouts.  Friendly, anxiety filled, intense, workouts.  Double Dog Dare.

Lift : 15x Minutes to Establish a 1RM Snatch

WOD : 15x Minute AMRAP of : 25x Hip Extensions – 5x Snatches @75% of highest successful lift from earlier. 

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Monday 043012

“This is my jam right here…”

Strap-in for a brand new week of training!  Last week was serious volume, shoulder intensive, and challenging to say the least.  A rest day or two should’ve done the body right, now it is time to step foot in the arena again.  Keep in perspective that the mission is to facilitate all fitness goals.  The program bestowed before you has all of those goals in mind.  Monday through Friday, 5 days a week!  Before motivation is lost, remind yourselves the reasoning behind even attempting that first workout.  Curiousness alone couldn’t lead you here.  We all wanted to be the fittest, or achieve a weight loss goal.  To be better athletes, to be better looking, to feel empowered.  Remember these reasons and consider turning this “hobby” or “membership” into a lifestyle.  Bite down, take care of your body, and let the training carry you to that vision.

Lifts : Bench Press 1×5 1×4 1×3 1×2 1×1

Dead Lifts 1×5 @65% 1×5 @70% 1×5 @80%

(coaches note : refer to April 16th in the journal.  Base the percentages off of that 1RM established on that day for the dead lifts.  If you did not participate in class that day, use an old 1RM Dead Lift and add 25 pounds to it.  Total time to complete both lifts is no more than 20x Minutes.)

WOD : Skill WOD  *HSPU  *Pistols

(modify and scale movements accordingly.  The substitutions should only allow athletes to complete a few repetitions at a time.  Make them difficult, and cover as much ROM as possible.)

Complete 50x Repetitions of each Movement  

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Sunday 042912

“Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere.”

Rules of Engagement for Open Gym tomorrow.

1) Doors will only be open from 9:30 AM  to 11:00 AM.  Get In, Get After At, Get Out of the Building.

2) Lift, or Squat.  It is a must.  Met-Cons are allowed but, please, be an athlete and move weight.

3) Bring A-Game, for real.

Lift : Snatch…….heavily or heavy 

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“Dig deep, again.”

There are sports within our fitness regiment, we are athletes.  Note this.  With that said, todays picture serves as a suggestion, reminder, encouragement, and advocation of “what to do” to survive our regiment.  Mobility, hydration, and most of all, journaling.

Lift : OHS (Over Head Squat) 10x 1 

Check out a few repetitions of the movement here…Over Head Squatting Session

WOD : 250M Run – 400M Run – 650M Run – 800M Run – 650M Run – 400M Run – 250M Run – 150x Sit Ups










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Friday 042712

“Seriously, quit your job and lift more.”

Beautiful people, exerting maximum effort, is beautiful.  Barbell Beef 2.0 is on the way!  WODs programmed, rules are set, dates are ready!  If you are going to sign up (which you should.  you could win free memberships duh!)  If you are going to sign up, or are interested, please comment on todays post!  If you are new to our facility, “what’s up” and comment on this post anyway.  Win something!


WOD :  “Filthy 50″  

you, the client, the athlete, get no description of this WOD.  google it.  Ask a friend, or, just bring that B-U-T-T to the building!  It is a benchmark WOD.  What’s a benchmark WOD?  A workout that was programmed by Crossfit Headquarters. These workouts were meant to serve as “tests” for athletes.  Example being, complete a benchmark workout.  Train week in and week out for 3 months. 3 months later, revisit that same benchmark WOD.  Improve?  Should have.  Benchmark WODs are also (over) used by many Crossfit Gyms for no reason.  Wait, there is a reason.  Creativity is a craft in itself.  None the less, we are doing a “Benchmark WOD” ! Welcome to the Cult.

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“Wasn’t necessarily easy.”

Lift : High Bar Back Squats 1×5 @75% 1×5 @80% 1×5 @85%

15x Minutes to Complete the following with an Empty Bar
5x 10x Dips + 10x Push Jerks
5x 10x Dips + 10x Split Jerks
5x 10 Snatch Balance

WOD : 10x Minutes Max Repetitions Strict Muscle Ups
(modified or not, you can and will get these!)

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Wednesday 042512

“This close to the end, you can throw caution into the wind.”

Lifts : 15x Minutes with an Empty Bar

3×20 Hang Squat Cleans 3×20 Hang Squat Snatches

3×15 Hang Power Cleans 3×15 Hang Power Snatches

3×10 Hang Muscle Cleans 3×10 Hang Muscle Snatches

WOD : 5×100 Yard Sprints

15x Minutes of Stretching 

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Tuesday 042412

“This is a house-on-fire-save-the-children weight.”

Beautiful movements by the morning crowds, and PR’s  just part of our naughty nature.

In regards to the WOD posted below, our own Coach Sara will be leading the WOD and Coach Matthew will be participating in the class.  At times, the intention of the WOD’s and purpose of the lifting sessions needs to be illustrated.  If you can, come to the class.  Call in sick, or if you’re sick, sanitize and drag yourself to the building.  9:00AM!  

Lifts :                 1×10 High Bar Back Squat     –        1×10 Dead Lifts

(coaches note : take time to experiment with a few weights for each movement.  warm up, and try to accurately gauge the heaviest load possible! )

WOD : 12x Minute AMRAP of : 3x Burpee Box Jumps @24″20 and 6x Wall Ball Shots with a 11 foot target


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Monday 042312

“When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix

Bring your “you know what” (censorship, boo.) and bring a friend’s “you know what” to the OC this week!  Can’t give it away, it’s a secret with the exception of the USS Enterprise but, this week is packed full of nasty workouts.  Guarantee PR’s, inflammation, sweat, endorphins, tears, and smiles!  Once again, BRING IT!

Lift : 10x Minutes to Establish a 1RM Power Clean

(coaches note : anything other than a full squat, parallel or hip crease below the knees is considered power.  squatting to a quarter depth out of necessity is encouraged.  In other words, do not be afraid to go get that bar!  It doesn’t have to be ground to standing.)

Tabata Intervals : Power Cleans @85% of 1RM established just minutes before.   8x Rounds of 20x Seconds Work / 10x Seconds Rest Score is total repetitions completed in the 4 Minutes

Met-Con : 500M Row – 800M Run – 100x Rope Waves – 50x Ball Slams @30/20

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Sunday 042212

“More than a mile is better than less of a mile.”            

              Get Ready for a brand new week, chalked full of solid training, and opportunities to improve our fitness.

Congratulations to everybody who participated in the Metro Dash on Saturday!  Shout Outs to Coach Cat, Bea “Axe Murderer”, Maggie “Magz”, Liz, Big Bruce, and Eric.  

WOD : No Gym  

Go to the beach.  For Time : 15x Block Run in Soft Sand   










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