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lifting complex

Thursday 3/1/12 WOD


10 cycles,, from the back rack position

option of increasing load, not exceed 95#

1 Back Squat

2 Szotts Press


2 Snatch Balance

back squat, stay down, 2 presses, leave bar over head, stand up, 2 snatch balance,, 10x,,, fun

ANY REMAINING TIME,  you are at the mercy of the trainer!!!!! 

FYI: Kerry makes healthy cookies!!






  Sierra PR 185 HBBS,, way to go girl!!






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leap hump day

Wednesday 2/29/12 WOD

                                                                                           !!!leap year!!!


HBBS 2 x 8@ 65%—2 x6@ 70%—1 x 4 75%  rest 5 minutes  Front Squat 3 x3@ 65%—2 x 2@ 75%—2 x 1 85%









5 attempts at max UB ring dips (bands if needed) with 10 high box step ups between sets

cash out

30 tire flips

Having a healthy fun evening together,, woding, stretching, sweating, PRn,, way to go Kerry & Lester.

more family fun,, have you register?

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69 & never better

Tuesday 2/28/12 WOD


8 minutes to establish 1RM power clean

rest 8 minutes

8 minutes to establish 1RM power snatch

rest 8 minutes


(at 6pm we will be doing a birthday WOD for  Gloria.)

Gloria turned 69 today. She has been a member since the doors opened. She loves CrossFit and has ever been more excited about getting fit. We have a special birthday WOD for her.



3 rds



43/double unders


69 wall balls 4time

Mother of 4 daughters, you do not want to know how many grandchildren, RN servicing Tidewater for 38 years. It’s nothing for this lady to put in 80+ hours at the hospital in a week. She is committed to the growth of the gym and her health. But most importantly she’s my mom.

 I love you and proud to WOD with you!!!


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Monday 2/26/12 WOD


HBBS 2 x 6 @ 70%,, 1 x 4 @ 75%,, 1 x 4 @ 80%,, 1 x 3 @85%

rest 5min

Front Squats 3×3 @ 65%,, 2×3 @ 70%,, 2×2 @ 75%

AFAS ( as fast as possible) 2rds

45 ghd sit ups + 90 walking lunges + max static parallel squat


The sound of freedom,, 

Naval Air Station Oceana or NAS Oceana (IATA: NTU, ICAO: KNTU, FAA LID: NTU) is a military airport located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a United States Navy Master Jet Base. It is also known as Apollo Soucek Field, named after Lieutenant (later Admiral) Apollo Soucek, a Navy Test Pilot who set the global altitude record in 1930 by flying a Curtiss “Hawk” biplane to an altitude of 43,166 feet. NAS Oceana is the only Master Jet Base on the East Coast.


Matt took home the prize,, 138 burpees

The feel of freedom!!




The smell of freedom!!!

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Sunday 2/26/12 WOD

Rest for the week ahead or Coach Matthew is planning something at 12 noon.

Choose wisely!! Does any one know what movie and scene this phase is from?

 this is on of my favorite pictures. When it comes down to it, why do we train hard? So we can carry our buddy across the line or out of a burning building.










What’s for breakfast??

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250M runs to ???? and back

Saturday WOD

 250M run w/plate 45/25,,, 70 air squats w/plate

 250M run w/plate,,, 35 push presses w/empty bar

 250M run w/o plate,,,, 15 thrusters @ 135/85

 250M run,,, 35 burpees

 250M run,,, 35 wall balls @ 20/14

 250M run,,, 70 double unders



The Wednesday noon class was up on it this week!!

Squats are the prefect lift to get your body ready for a swim suit. Did you know all these muscles are involved.

rectus abdominis and obliques

adductor magnus, longus, brevis


gastrocnemius and soleus = calf

biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus = hamstrings

quadriceps femoris

gluteus max

flexor hallucis longus

flexor digitorum

hip flexors

maybe more not listed!!!





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Task at Hand

Friday WOD

Meet Christina, she will be doing the open WODs at the gym! So will others, so should you???










5 x 1 Split Jerk & 5 x1 Push Jerk


Pick 2 Tasks and Complete :

A) Sectionals WOD 12.1  Max Effort and Reps of Burpees in 7x Minutes with a 6″ target above standing reach.

B) Max Effort and Reps of Muscle Ups in 6x Minutes (RX’d or Modified)

C) Max Effort and Reps of Tire Flips in 5x Minutes (preferably with a partner.)



So far! athletes are getting great scores on the burpee AMRAP, make sure you post your score on the site, I’m giving away a 10# bucket of Epsom salt to the highest score recorded.


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Sectionals OPEN 12.1 “Nerd Out” Article

OC Coaches “Nerd Out” Week 1
Open WOD 12.1
7x Minute AMRAP of : Max Burpees

This is the first installment of a series for the competitive, casual, serious, or curious athlete who will be participating in this years 2012 Crossfit Open Sectionals.  The following is a personal subjective strategy that I (Matt) will be using. Garrett will add his thoughts in the last section as a response to my notions. Not meant to be serious,  just to see how we view the Open.

Coach Matt:

Standards are clear, flat on the deck, and every repetition is finished when the athlete touches an object 6″ above  standing max reach.  The time is 7 minutes, enough said.  Lets break it down.  No matter how it’s sliced, the game plan should be “paced”.  There are many that will swear that you should just “gun it from the jump!” or “go hard from the bell”.  If my math serves me right, 7 minutes is at least 4 minutes outside of “anaerobic”.  However, 7 minutes is only 420 seconds.  That means it’s short enough to set a number, and stick to it.  I’m leaning towards a 2x minute tempo, followed by 2x minute max effort, followed by a 2x minute tempo, and 1x final minute of max effort.  Beginning with the tempo early is key because, you have to know if you can actually hold back.  Elite, or competitive, tempo is 18x-20x reps per minute.  On the max effort side of things, who knows?  If you don’t have 100x reps with exactly 2x minutes remaining, throw “caution into the wind” and get your a** over a fire.
Prediction?  Let me close with two things.  I do see an athlete breaking 200x reps, but, would also bet anybody  lunch that theres an 85% chance that very same athlete doesn’t qualify for the games in the long run.
Expect a starch contrast next week, I predict a heavy kettle bell or 185 LB. barbell.

Coach Garrett: OK Matt I agree that pacing is the way to go. If we look at the time domain we are dealing with a singular, lower output movement. I see this as a mono-structural movement. It’s burpees, but just those ,for a long period of time puts us firmly in the aerobic mode. If we use a max distance run or row as the analogy then… pacing is key. I wouldn’t come out of a max distance run in seven minutes quickly you would jog the start and consistently add intensity. Same for this test. Open up steady. First 2 minutes you should find the pace at which you would have to stop and rest if you went faster. My goal will be to move steadily the entire time. A quick burst at any point before the last minute will exaust glycotic stores. This requires more rest and will lead to less reps. Consistently moving the whole time. Change the movement up to avoid individual muscle fatigue and most importantly … keep moving! In the last minute, go for broke, but don’t step on it too soon and end up with your hands on your knees in the last 10 seconds.

As far as the winner:  I see something in the 170 range as a top score. I think the target will really take some reps off. Good Luck

Coach Garrett

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did you say burpees



15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch

3 rds

35 cal row & 200 yard walk


open wod#1     7 minute AMRAP burpees



some athletes will be doing the open WOD @ 6pm today,, If you are planning to do the open WODs, speak to one of the coaches about it.  It will be great if everyone does the WOD of the week regardless whether you are registered. So far there are 4 committed people going to the games, plane/hotel booked.  If you want to go talk to me. Last year was the best time.

OUR OWN!!!! Ben Smith,, you know he’s going.










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“Growing Pains”

From Coach to You :

Knee deep into this squat cycle, it’s probably time to address the “suck”. The soreness and the fatique.  It was promised, expected, and delivered. Lets discuss the toll of the volume, and what can help us cope.  Our mantra will be “perseverance with adaptation”, and of course the blessed “website”. 

Speaking for the OC Coaching Staff, we are all highly impressed with every one’s commitment to squat cycle.  You have the attitudes, open mindedness, and willingness to accept a challenge.  

During this 8 week cycle, there is a “Return on Investment” if you put the work in and stick to it.  It will be, without a doubt, nasty, taxation.  (There’s a slogan somewhere in that.) Being in this Squat Cycle together, as a community, we should share anything that gets us through it.  I’ve recently started wrapping my knees on squat days. I understand that I do not squat 500 pounds, stop reminding me. I am ten weeks into this style of squatting, and it’s helping tremendously.  

Our top female athlete, Coach Cat Donatone, has identified a need for supplemental mobility work.  Thursday mornings are now dedicated to Mobility and Maintenance.  If that isn’t your normal training time, speak to your coach about mobility and recovery work. Our very own Kerry Achatz has shared a series of active and static stretching routines handed down from renowned trainer Mack Newton. He has worked extensively with many high level athletes including the Chicago White Sox for multiple seasons.  Voice your mind, if you want it, ask for it.

The third tip, a set of lifting shoes, any brand, make great tools.  It was more than 4 years after I drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid before I broke down and invested into what nerds call, “proper footwear”.  The purpose and benefit of lifting shoes can be found in a google search. I advocate them because they work. I wear them, all the time.

Filming yourself, and then watching yourself, works! It can be awkward at first.  It doesn’t organically work itself into training but, seeing your movements from the perspective of the trainer can help you see the fault your coach sees from a new perspective. Issues with depth awareness, posture, speed, weight distribution, can all be improved by reviewing your movements. Need I say more?  Again, it’s available to everyone, ask, voice your mind.

In summation, 
1) Wrapping the knees.
2) Mobility, and Maintenance
3) Lifting Shoes.
4) Lights, Camera, Action.










“Perseverance with Adaptation.”

 Feeling exceptionally sore, thinking every morning smells like a rest day, is all “paying the toll.”  Anyone who dreads a squat day from time to time is normal. There’s a plethora of cliches that apply but, the reward is there, as is the ugly road leading to it.  We will all “adapt” and find ourselves in the best shape of our lives.  That is the goal. Persevere, Adapt, and Improve.

And, lastly, own it, the website.  Guess what? Participate on the site! I’ll leave a window open on the laptop at the front desk and politely ask that you digitally journal the squat days.  It’s imperative because we use this data to improve the quality of your training.  Thank you for you, and remember, we are committed to improving you, ourselves and the facility.  For real!  In return, sweat, be open minded, crazily committed, and have fun.

Coach Matthew Aaron  


thanks for reading and thank you Matt for writing

Wednesday WOD


HBBS 2x 8 @ 65%,,, 2 x 6 @ 70%,,, 1 x 4 @ 75%

rest 5 minutes

Front Squat 3 x 3 @ 65%,, 2 x 2 @75%,,, 2 x1 @ 85%

4 minutes to accumulate as many double unders as possible


2 kness to elbows & 2 burpees, 4 kness to elbows & 4 burpees, 6 kness to elbows & 6 burpees,,exc,, to 12


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