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BBBeef Week 3 Results (and more…)

BBBeef Week 3 Results (and more…)

Barbell Week3 Results

(In week 3, we had 3 top competitors in multiple divisions, out of town, or sick.  Everybody, including these people absent from last week especially, has this week to do Week 4 of the BBBEEF.  They also must do the Week 3 workout as well, and those who turned in a score, have the option of redoing it as well, it’s only fair.)

Best of luck to everyone in Week 4, take home something positive from this experience!  Find a hole in your game?  Fill it in 4 weeks!



Jim Cox - 8 Rounds + 15 K2E (1x point)
Lester Achatz - 7 Rounds + 8 K2E (2x points)
Bruce McNutt - 6 Rounds (3x points)
Reid Hobby - 3 Rounds (4x points)

Sean Murphy - 11 + 3BP + 8K2E (1x point)
Shaun Cormode - 10 Rounds +6BP +5DL (2x points)
Willy Williamson - 8 Rounds + 8K2E (3x points)
Joe Griffin - 7 Rounds + 8 K2E (4x points)
Chris Kowalski - 7 Rounds + 7K2E (5x points)
Joe Harris - 6 Rounds +6BP +6DL +7K2E (6x points)
Darren Lewis - 5 Rounds +2BP +7K2E (7x points)

Susan Gill - 10 Rounds +14K2E (1x point)
Bea Steeves - 8 Rounds +15K2E (2x points)
Katie Peaches - 8 Rounds +15 K2E (2x points)
Elizabeth Ware - 7 Rounds +6BP+7DL +12K2E (2x points
Karen Frazier - 5 Rounds +6BP +2DL +7K2E (3x points)

(Remember to those scale, I am keeping the scores, the data, it is all legit!  You have done tremendous work and gained new strength you’ll never let go of, Congratulations.  I will attempt to maintain a somewhat legitimate, logical, “Open Division”.)

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bench press- back squat


Cat will rule!! abds of steel

Monday Wod :)


6 x 2 – 3

bench press – back squat

increasing load on bench – bs @225/really freakn heavy


10 L- pull up

15 back extensions

20 ghd sit ups

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beef .vs. f50f

5:30 am people rule the gym,, they’ve earned the highest of all crossfit respect.  All of us enjoy bang out a wod after being up and moving about but 5:30 am is a whole new world. Roll out of bed and pick up a barbell… thank you for being you

Saturday WOD :)

BarBell Beef


filthy fifty

50 box jumps (24)

50 jumping pull ups

50 kbs 1pood

50 walking lunges

50 k2e (oh no)

50 push press 45# (i think men should be 75#)

50 back extensions

50 wall balls 20#

50 burpees

50 double unders




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squat & more squat

Friday WOD :)


5 x 3 OHS (2 sec pause @ the bottom)


5 snatch @ 95/65

15 box jumps

just a note!!!!  barbell beef has been a blast. Everyone is doing a great job plus having fun. I know my numbers have increased on all my lifts. I hope the same for all the beefers (as Matt so elegantly puts it).  Sat will be a great day. Thank you Matt for this opportunity to prove we can do it!!

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Our strong Sara

Wednesday WOD :)


7 x 3 deadlift


8 rds

16 KB Snatch 1.5 pood

200M run backwards

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sled pull 4time

walking the wall on Friday’s handstand clinic

Tuesday WOD :)


8 x 1

split clean


400M sled pull @95# 4time



30 OH lunges 45/25

20 plate situps

10 burpees

starting next week Sara will be collecting little toys/games for the children on her mission trip,, look for a small suitcase

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