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Happy New Year!!

You are at the starting line, 3 2 1 GO!!!

Wait! What’s the WOD?! Anything you make it to be! It’s a new year with all possibilities, lots to choose from. Pick an area to improve, make a weakness  a strength,  have a goal you want to accomplish. Yell time on 12/31/2012 with a job well done!

Remember!! NO cheats, NO corners cut, NO dropping out, NO rest, NO giving in to weakness just push through and get it done!


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getty up

Saturday WOD :)

5rds for time

200M run

5 turkish get ups per arm

5 kb squat cleans

5 kb snatches

**** cash out if you’re not sweating or sub 15 min

100 abmat sit up

50 air squats

25 push ups

12 pull ups



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2 important memos

* the baby came home from the hospital tonight,, thank you again for everything

**the man who owns the roofing shop has asked if we don’t park in front of his shop in the morning or day,,, evening is ok.. His wife died a few months ago & he said he is not dealing with life very well right now. This would ease his stress. I’ll wait a few months to say something about all the nails in the back… He needs a break. There is parking off to the left side passed the gym. thanks

Friday WOD :)



every 90 sec

9 speed deadlifts @ 50% of 1rm


400M run

15 ohs @ 95/65

(Nancy is 5 rds,,, go for it)

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clean & jerk, back squats, kbs & box jumps

Thursday WOD:)


15 minutes to find your 1 rep max

clean & jerk

15 min AMRAP

buy in 20 body weight back squats

remaining time

5 kbs 2 pood American

10 box jumps (use the height you made it to on tues)

score is # of rounds

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Split snatch

Wednesday WOD:)

7 x 2 Split Snatch

Brenton for 2

5rds with a partner, one going at a time

100 ft bear crawl

100 ft broad jump

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aspire for higher

Tuesday WOD :)

8 rds

3 high box jumps (increase height each rd)

5 strict pull ups

21 * 15 * 9 * 5

250m row

ghd sit ups

L- pull ups

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Happy Christmas

Thank you to all the athletes who banged out the wod today!!! you guys rocked!! A special thanks to those who gave to the family.. tears of joy and gratitude were shed.  After the Christmas holiday,, is the time to put the pedal to the metal and start training for sectional or that swim suit,,,, yes I did say swim suit,,, don’t wait til March to make it happen. By March I want to a six pack. I love you guys and thank you from my whole heart for all your help, prayers and patience with me and my grandson.  He will be coming home soon!!!

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Feels like Santa

Saturday WOD :)


2 burpees

50M sled pull

100 battle rope swings

200M weighted run or carry

50 wall balls

2 rope climbs

“this is nothing for Santa”



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skills training

Friday WOD :)

15 – 20 minute Rope Climbing (bring tape 4 ankles, wear pants, socks above ankles, whatever you need to save the skin)


15 ad rolls

10 body weight deadlifts

5 body weight front squats

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