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Muscle up Progression

Thursday WOD :)

6 x 6 muscle up progression

15 minute AMRAP

5 dead lifts

1 power clean

2 press to overhead at % load/athletes discresion

10 GHD sit ups


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that’s a lot of snatching

Tuesday WOD :)

9 x 2 Snatch Balance

9 x 2 Snatch Dead Lift

increasing load, begin DL immediately after balance set

AMRAPs until failure

1. 20 sec to  complete 4 squat snatches 75/55

2. 20 sec to complete 8 ring dips

3. 20 sec to complete 10 hand release push ups

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happy rest day :) or WOD

Matthew will be working on the bathrooms today (Sunday) and is having a wod break…. I’m excited to have things back to nornal next week. I missed everyone and hope you had a fun holiday break with friends and family. It’s time to get back to WODn

WOD:)  11am

8 rds of Tabata

*toes thru rings (ouch)

*80% max power cleans, max reps

cash out *** 2 cycles

4 attempts max double unders

10 ball slams after each attempt

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Snatch this

Saturday WOD :)  Matthew is back,,, yeah!!!!

5 rds * increasing weight on the bar each round*

250M row

250M run

1 set max rep of Snatches (failure begins next round)

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Go Ahead Black Friday

Friday WOD :)    9am, 12, 6pm classes today

4 x 100m

sled pull race @ 90/50


5 OHS (75% 1rm) *  50 ghd sit ups

4 tire flips * 40 cal row

3 OHS  *  30 hand release push ups

2 rope climbs * 20 strict pull ups

*******cash out*******

100 medball hand offs

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Jana’s pick

The holiday weekend is here!!! The schedule is adjusted: Thursday 9am only,,,, Friday 9am, 12, 6pm,,, Saturday 9am & 12

Thursday WOD :) Filthy Fifty

50 box jumps

50 jumping pull ups

50 kbs

50 walking lunges

50 k2e

50 push press

50 back extensions

50 wall balls

50 burpees

50 double unders

No wonder she went into labor,, this is going to bring back memories

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run Forrest run!!

Wedsnday WOD :)

1600 M run time trail

20 minute amrap

6 “hands touching” chin ups

16 “heel touching”  squats

250M weighted run @ 20/14

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sled pulls

Tuesday WOD :)


6 x 3 Heavy Thrusters (athlete discretion)


2k row


every 2 minutes for 6 intervals


30 yard sled pull @ 100/50

5 skin the cats


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